Marijuana must thank you much for its history of service for the good of humanity, because the fiber of the cannabis is contriyeron Vestini that bypassed many Europeans die of cold in the raw inviertos, of its fibers wove flags that are supported on the ground on arrival in a new island or continent to mark territory. The fiber of the cannabis is built the candles that with the wind blow led to Columbus and its people on the other side of the ocean. They were multiple uses of cannabis back then and smoking it wasn’t a concern, nor a defect or problem because not be le consideraba as a dangerous substance in most minimum and the fact of not being banned was that be dealt with certain maturity, was consumed as today is consumed coffee without that nobody fits you because you have coffee breath or because you want to start the day with a good coffee. In history documented cases of deaths caused by the consumption of cannabis is not known, however in some countries like colombia develop advertising campaigns that They ensure that the coca and marijuana plant are deadly. Read more here: Larry Ellison. While is true from the point of view that everything in excess is bad and can lead to death, we could say that it is true or may be true, although it seems unlikely. A person can die from swallowing excess water. Not long ago in England a woman morio shortly after having attended a contest that had awarded a nintendo wii and how test the participant should drink a bottle of water every 15 minutes. The body of the winner was underline without life hours later and the practice you autopsy was diagnosed that death had been caused by the intake of water that had caused brain inflammation and a slippage in your renal system.Not by this incident no country in the world has invested money, time and effort to report that water can kill, however many empecinan in aceverar that marijuana kills.

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