Executive 124/06). Druggists: For small amounts of different products to verify in 5% of> products 100% of amount (Attached II, DEC. Executive 124/06). All the open volumes will be closed with proper ribbon, of the entity overseer. Rotulagem and Validade of the Merchandise For the merchandises with obligator IPE the rotulagem in Portuguese.

The merchandise packed for sales the remnant will have to mention lot numbers, date of validity and/or production (alnea c) art. 11, DEC. Executive 124/06). Rule of the Validity To the date of arrived Angola, Validity and of the useful life (alnea d) art. 11, DEC. Executive 124/06). Exceptions, to the date of validity Products of Would perfume and Cosmetic.

To the date of arrived Angola, Validity and 50%, of the corresponding useful life 6 months (at least Attached II and Annex III, DEC. Executive 124/06). Containerized load the containers will have to present conditions to receive the load that is destined to them, having to be: Clean. Odourless. Without perforations. Exempt of any deficiency that can affect the load. Sealing of Containers (Sealing wax) the overseer it will attend the wadding of the container and will proceed to the respective sealing, whenever if it deals with complete containers (FCLs? Full Load Container) for one exactly importer, for what a load place will only have to exist. In case that contrary, the exporter will support the costs for additional load place. Grupagens (consolidated Load) In the load of grupagem, aerial or maritime, is obligator the existence of marks, indicating the importer and the destination. The merchandise will have to be in conditions of being inspeccionada, duly packed, separate and identified as LE? List of Packing

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