Understanding Karma

Speaking of the laws that govern our lives and the whole universe, many people found with unknown and confusing concepts. The term Karma is one of those concepts. Some people explain that there is a balance in the universe and that there is something there outside that he responds to what we do with our freedom. If you do something good that there you outside rewards, if you do something bad, that there out you punished. The truth of karma is much deeper and at the same time, more simple. To understand karma, it is necessary to understand one or two things. One of them is to adopt the idea that the only thing that exists is a single being, i.e. There is no something which I am, and something outside my that is a not me.

And another thing to know is that this being manifested in all the diversity of things existing in the nature and the universe. To know more about this subject visit Southwest Airlines. And, who is this be? that being is you. You are that created this universe. Then what people believe that it is a reaction by an action, in reality, is a creative aspect of a phase of themselves. In his book I am happy, I am rich, where the above has been taken, Andrew Corentt explains that karma is creation and what a person thinks of herself and of others is what you get in your life.

If a person wants best for other people, then that’s what you get for herself, not for reaction, but by direct creation. For the single mind there is you. Everything is you. From there, that if you want to get something in life, only must desire it in his mind to others. Do you want more money? use karma, see in his mind as others are filled with money, see how life smiles them. You not doing it just for them, do it for yourself. If you wish for others, if you’re viewing by others, then you’re getting it for yourself. Jesus said to do with others as they want to do with you. If you want something you should give it, if you want to love you must give love. That’s part of the secret of karma. In his book I am happy, I am rich, Corentt presents shocking information. Information that will change your way of seeing and living the life. Just by reading it you will fill an enormous power to create your life and your reality. Every page you read will be a barrier that tear down and convert into momentum to get anything they want wealth, better relationships, happiness or what you most want to be called.

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