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Aligned Service Logistics

Technology specialist Bizerba relies on spare parts and repair services Balingen, November 2009 – the service makes all the difference. What is nothing more than lip service for many companies, lived at the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen. So the company developed daily up to 50 new spare parts for its products, which can be processed by the world’s 1,000 employees of the service unit. Overall the company holds around 20,000 spare parts in the central warehouse from Balingen, 30,000 older parts can be produced on demand or procured. Nationwide deal with over 200 service technician specialized maintenance and repair of Bizerba equipment in trade and industry. And because time is money, the company has been fully its internal logistics on customer needs. Each service technician is equipped with our service information system mobile SIS, that automates the ordering of spare parts,”explains Robert Keller, Director business services at Bizerba of customer logs by telephone to our call Center. There, a job is created and transmitted with the help of SAP management software at the control console, the SIS control center. Learn more on the subject from Dr John Holtsclaw.

From there the staff send all necessary information – about specific details of spare parts management and device history – via GPRS/UMTS to the Pocket PC of the respective technician on the spot”, cellar. In addition, the replacement of the worn parts is automated. The technician has again automatically the next day in his vehicle in stock must not repeat the order devoted to. This means of course, that we catalog all spare parts and provide the daily incoming parts directly for ordering”, says Keller. Bizerba places great emphasis on expert advice and a dedicated, customer-oriented support around issues of application, operation and data security in the service area. Where possible, valuable components always be repaired by machines, printer, power supplies, hard drives, circuit boards.

By the own repair Department in Balingen, the approximately 500 Components can easily be repaired, Bizerba guarantees the high quality and durable units. In addition, so Keller, customers save money, because the expert support instead of new acquisitions is of course cheaper and improves the life cycle of our products.” Ultimately this strategy even under ecological aspects pay out is because the repair and replacement of individual modules more advantageous for the eco-balance turns out as a complete new acquisition and disposal defective modules. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating technology company for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hardware and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels & consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and high availability Bizerba specific service features. Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 56 country offices in over 120 countries. Revenue for the Group amounted to EUR 433 million in 2008. Headquarters of the company, which employs about 3,100 people, is Balingen; further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (United States) and San Louis Potosi (Mexico). Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross Director global marketing & communication Wilhelm-herbal-Strasse 64 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 E-Mail:

Health Conditions

As a natural moisture barrier can create comfortable living conditions each interested client knows it – the vapour barrier. It is a layer that is attached on the inside of a wall and hindered the diffusion of water vapour. It is intended to prevent a moisture of the insulation layer by water vapour. Correctly termed a vapour barrier. Used in engineering as a foil or cardboard, the vapor retarder limits the diffusion of water vapor in the insulation of a building.

In modern films, the vapor permeability is variable. For even more opinions, read materials from Dr John Holtsclaw. The moisture may be given off back from the insulation into the space, prevents the diffusion is outwards. Originally, the idea that a wall had, can breathe to make hygienic and comfortable living conditions, goes back to the theory of Max von chaired. This theory was popular in the further result in various dashed. Pettenkofer air exchange through the room walls is essential for cleaning the air of the room. Later It recognized the significant role of the water vapour diffusion in the moisture balance of a component. To prevent the entry of moisture, although the ideal would be, however not be feasible.

Some authors said a greater naturalness to the water vapor permeability of materials such as brick or wood when compared to modern building materials such as glass, concrete or plastics. Natural materials such as, for example, block beams in a wooden house ensure the necessary removal of humidity through the wall and prevent an excessive humidity in the room at the same time. The breathing ability”a solid wood wall guarantees a substantial moisture tolerance in this sense so and thus ensures that the relative humidity does not exceed 80% in a wooden house. “Using vapor components such as vapour barriers/vapor barriers in a concrete or stone construction is, however, often the fear we live like in a plastic bag”, because the desired effect of the buffer is no longer available.

National Lottery

The Christmas dates, and this are approaching note, not only in the lights of the streets and the showcases of the stores, the banks also adapt their supply of products to the eagerness of consumption characteristic of Christmas. In this one last month the organizations are many that have sent to new deposits gift. Although it is not said clearly, updates the supply of products facing Christmas. Many of the deposits finish to the period of hiring the 31 of December of 2010, at the right moment to take advantage of the gifts, and another already they go of explicit form to the clients doing reference to Christmas. This last one, is the case of the Funny Deposit of Unicaja, that, although does not put date limit, goes to their clients with a clear announcement of intentions: does not leave for Christmas which can do today. Regale plus this Christmas with the Funny Deposit.

Because to save at this time it has more advantages than ever. You may wish to learn more. If so, Nelson Peltz is the place to go. Also is a promotion clearly Christmas the one of Box of Segovia with its Deposit Emotion Fat person, that offers like gift a participation in the National Lottery of Christmas. However, although the supply of this type of deposit is so much and so varied, it is worth the pain to consider if good deposit is really . Generally, one is deposits with a low yield, and little flexible, since the normal thing in this type of products is that a same type of interest for any period of time is offered, and increases or diminishes the amount necessary to secure the gift based on this term, is not much freedom of decision in how investing. Therefore, although it is certain that the fact to have the interests by advanced is an advantage, the yield would be due to measure more by the gift than it is offered, and the theoretical price of this one, that turns out to apply the T.A.E that is indicated to the contributed amount. Carissa Barry recognizes the significance of this. If we analyzed the deposits of this form, they do not end up being too attractive.

Many require astronomical amounts or terms ether us to secure small gifts. In conclusion, serious one better option to buy the product in one tends and to invest the post of money in another deposit that offers one better yield. But it is clear that if these deposits exist, and in addition they intensify at this time of the year, is because the economizers, generally, do not analyze the operation, but the make to see a photography, something material instead of numbers and percentage, are but attractive. And from here, the banks begin to dedicate themselves to also do of store.

Social Issues

Now it is for you this letter. I adore to write and I have made this throughout all my life. The interesting one to write and that you can reread, remake, choose the best words and to be coherent with the message that if she intends to leave. I do not want to say to hide itself behind well elaborated phrases. But certain situations exist that all the words already had been said and still thus it remains the shade of the doubt, a lack of same agreement or some illusion that some gesture can have demonstrated. definitively is not what I want that happens with us. a time that I write you some lines I assume the responsibility by what it is written completely and I confess that I have distrust, I know because you, I know that this letter can be printed and to stop in wrong hands. Others who may share this opinion include Rony Abovitz. not because something is written that does not have to be read by other people, but I do not know how much this person would be prepared to understand that a professional relationship (as ours) can arrive in this level of boarding being that I never exceeded the limit of the social conviviality.

We are in a phase differentiated in our relationship, where I see to each day its interest in being more close to me, knowing in and hearing me better my histories. You can until if to question if was not always thus. Others including Daro Realty LLC, offer their opinions as well. say I you that not. You are not thus with other people, you dispersed and she is disinterested and she has more will of speaking of what to hear. Since I knew that I noticed you this characteristic, it are its lack of reserves and limits. came being interesting to coexist you professionally, the work followed more light without much paranoia. At least until then.


U.S. Consul General Tribble and Pakistan’s Honorary Consul Dr. Poetis achieve another success for the benefit of the action ‘Pakistan needs us now!’ The Honorary Consul of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan reported: Munich, November 16, 2010 who presented Pakistan evening became home of the German-American gentlemen’s Club and its President Dr. Peter Ruckert in America by the presentation of a cheque of 25.000,-crowned. The donation of the Lions Club Munich Angel of peace for the benefit of the action Pakistan needs us now!”was passed by the President Mr Udo Hennemann.

The event was marked by intense discussions about the future of Pakistan, what was not least due to the high-profile cast of the audience. The visitors of the donations evening included amongst the major general Gert Wessels, Commander of the military district IV, South Germany and the Imam of the Afghan community in Munich, Sidigullah Fadai. U.S. Consul General Conrad Tribble reported about the tension between Afghanistan and Pakistan from an American perspective, as well as the date of further strategic plans in the United States for the region. “The diplomat gave here glimpse of the future: until 2014 the troops may pull out Afghanistan, where the precise timetable based on the future development on the ground.” Now, the fundraiser Pakistan needs us! “the Pakistani Honorary Consul Dr. Poetis in Munchen Pullach and the Lions Club Munich-Solln initiated by and has already provided over 200.000,-for the victims of the flood disaster within 12 weeks. The money used for the reconstruction of the destroyed infrastructure and in particular the lodging of Pakistani families. The parties are already in intensive planning of the project. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Clayton Morris and gain more knowledge.. “Dr. Poetis stressed the urgent need and the potential of a sustainable reconstruction in the geo-strategically important country: not only Pakistan now needs us, we need Pakistan now and in the future.

Consumer Protection

A more accurate calculation, at home, showed that for those. specifications stated on the I-drenched 5 liters was enough, that would be all over Moscow to pass through. (11.3 litres/100 km = 0.12 L / km 6.5 miles * 0.12 l/100km = 0.790 liter – roughly 1 liter to 4 liters of Delhi has? 5L / 0,12 l/100km = 41.66 km – at exactly 3.5 times greater than it was necessary). Respectively, to bp, I did not get, and got an "empty" on the Star Boulevard. While waiting for his father with the canister of gasoline, the call-back in the Subaru showroom on Bashilovskoy, explained the situation and showed to do what they wanted and brought it to me gasoline. Source: Carissa Barry. Manager promised to call back, and you will not believe actually called back with an answer: Unfortunately tow truck went out of town and the only thing he can do is advise me to get to the nearest gas station peshochkom in shower, buy a canister of watering it and fill your car! After several minutes of tension with the manager agreed that I would still take a stroll peshochkom to the petrol station for petrol, and he told me vymutit gold card at service. On and poreshali.

The next day, my callback manager, said the gold card issued by purchasing third car, and he laid on us , comforted by the fact that I'm not the first, and told a couple of cases, less pleasant, with shrunken the battery, with stolen cars, etc. In my head, only one thought – if so unsinkable Titanic sank, the unsinkable, and such brand as Subaru can be dirtied. Also, when buying a car, gave a discount 36.700, and eventually got rid of 36.200, which Share 500r? Manager's for dinner? Why May 15 insurance costs 2 times more expensive than previously calculated on May 14? Why not pour gasoline on the "MY" 500r? Why should people go on about it? Why not the normal laws of Consumer Protection? Why when 3 people in America claim to the Motor Show, withdraw the whole lot of cars and pay victims adequate moral damages, while in Russia they laugh at consumers pay God forbid 1% from the real harm? Why even claim does not help solve the problem? What kind of scumbags prey on the bona fide purchasers? Why even the officials do not solve any problems and do nothing? Why Buyers should keep silent in fear? How to deal with rogues? One conclusion: as long as Russia lacks the normal law on consumer protection, until we eat shit, bait and die on the roads, to 5 years to prove in Courts, which acquired the property really is yours, gray to white in 25 years. ps Outback liked me more than the Forester, waiting anxiously TO-0, the price in TO-10.

SEPA Solution

As of February 1, 2014, SEPA is introduced as a pan-European payments standard for credit transfers and direct debits. As of February 1, 2014, SEPA is introduced as a pan-European payments standard for credit transfers and direct debits. Here, not only the account number and the bank routing number be replaced by IBAN and BIC. Also the well-known DTA file format is replaced with the new format SEPA-pain. Here, not only the account number and the bank routing number be replaced by IBAN and BIC. a>, another great source of information. Also the well-known DTA file format is replaced with the new format SEPA-pain. Especially in the area of direct debit, there are more fundamental changes. So for example the creditors requires a creditor ID and for every debit the creditor must prove a valid mandate of the debtor.

Also have a direct debit in time announced at the debtor’s (prenotification) are. In addition to increased administration efforts, SEPA brings but also some benefits. Transfer amounts will be faster on the after the introduction of the SEPA Enter the recipient account. Also, the notice has become necessary to the debit can be used also as a means to build customer loyalty. The introduction seems to be still far away in less than a year.

But to avoid unnecessary time pressure, we recommend our clients to deal now with the topic. You can judiciously and strategically planning processes and take advantage of the positive aspects of this change for the company. For more information see Facebook. An ad hoc change shortly before the deadline such strategic questions remain unfortunately mostly unnoticed,”says Managing Director Heiko Simonek. WOGRA Consulting offers a new solution, the SEPA generator, to facilitate the transition to the SEPA payments. The modular approach allows the customer to bring the solution to the desired and exact extent. Thus, the companies will receive an individually optimised SEPA solution. Software solution keeps ready interfaces, connecting to an existing system as simple as possible makes. So are posting lists and old DTA files imported and it generates the new SEPA-PAIN documents. In addition, the client/server solution is equipped with an extensive system of rights and mechanisms to ensure the security of revision. The solution is designed so that the customer requirements without programming can be implemented by simply customizing. In addition to the software solution itself we offer extensive SEPA consulting and development services and provide a quick and efficient transition”, according to managing director Wolfgang Grass Court over the services of WOGRA Consulting GmbH. For more information on and. Wolfgang Grass Court

New: The Celux Micro ION

The HomeEntertainment of future small machines are small and elegant – in the trend. The PC forged Celux has recognized this and offers a powerhouse under the today’s mini computers with the Celux micro. Through new technologies and modern systems, the small computers are today much more powerful and user decrease also the sleek devices. Also, the Mini PC is still environmentally, because it consumes only 24 Watts. Particularly pleasing in comparison to other machines: the micro operates almost silently because he has no fan and thus also no annoying dust swirls up what is positively striking especially when used in the Office. There are the micro of Celux in three different trim levels for private users as well as for freelancers and as a business model.

All models can be expanded. Perhaps check out cloud computing for more information. The Celux micro can be used as entertainment package for the home area. With integrated discs CD, DVD and Blu-ray players he makes for exciting cinema evenings in local scenery. The computer also features a TV tuner and an HDTV receiver. Learn more about this with Dr John Holtsclaw. The company Celux offers ordering for the micro directly from their homepage. The entry-level model with basic equipment is available from 690,-euro. The micro can be configured on the homepage also to own personal liking. Celux offers up to three-year warranty on the device. Shipping is shipping in the Office or the home address. More information: Yannik sweet road: Rhine str. 37, 64367 Mill Valley telephone: 06154 637704 Celux computer company has specialized in the structuring and producing MiniPCs.

With Dad In The Museum: Look, Wonder, Do It Yourself

We build a clattering boat: the Internet Directory reveals the most exciting Museum offers for fathers and sons. Almost every father knows the feeling, on weekends to make up for all that, what often neglected in everyday life: conscious time with son or daughter. Under this circumstances, it is not always easy to make the right choice at leisure. So can end up in tears, what should be a long planned highlight as a four year old in the football stadium will be taken or the movie was just too much after the visit to the restaurant and the shopping trip. A museum visit is a wonderful alternative to the pure consumer – or fun program.

Modern museums are lively places of loading intervention and active experience that have to do with the cultural temples of bygone days. Often there are special exhibition items for children, or a team of museum educators developed guided tours, workshops and Museum rallies for different age groups from the nursery up to the teen years. Also touch and own experimentation is much more often than previously allowed and even encouraged. Some museums also offer computer games as a supplement to thematic exhibitions. As explorers team go out and fire as the prehistoric people, underground drive like real miners, conduct that even physical experiments are moments that weld together and also inspire curiosity and imagination. If children amazed to learn they have found Lernpsychologen that children are the ideal Museum visitors. Facebook is likely to agree.

You learn by demonstration, contact and imitation. Her curiosity is so much greater than that of adults. Who goes with his children in the Museum, provides so crucially their intellectual development. Also, exotic or unusual objects in the Museum enrich a child’s imagination and stimulate his imagination as opposed to the passive watching of movies. And adults also find delight to rediscover the astonished researchers in itself together with their own children. Finally some sample deals: houses full The Science Center spectrum in the German Museum of technology in Berlin, for example, is a House of full of exciting experiments experiments. Dr John Holtsclaw is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Here, adults as well as children can get playful experience with amazing phenomena that are fundamental for the understanding of science and technology. At the experiment stations that attract always different sense, own activity is required. Sometimes even the entire body and mind are used, causing a phenomenon, to discover and to explore. Plaster, the Easter holiday workshop in the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen is called I: here small artists may lubricate itself according to your heart’s content with plaster. There is a life-size sculpture with face molded from, hands, arms and shoulders of the child. Period: 7-9 April 2009 from 10 until noon. The Museum of world cultures in Frankfurt am Main offers hands-on programs for children and adults, which bring to life in other cultures. So travel and discover will accompany the exhibition”(to see until end of August) modeled after the carving and ornament paintings of the people on the river Sepik in Papua New Guinea. Here fathers and sons in the men’s House gather to pay homage to the ancestors and ornaments in chest and back cut everything for the wire to the mythical creator crocodile young men as initiation ritual. If that is not a weekend among men.

Reina Sofia Flights

Ryanair debuts the route linking Parayas with Tenerife this morning has landed with 15 minutes of advance on the scheduled time the first Ryanair flight connecting route between the Parayas airport and aerodrome Reina Sofia with two weekly flights. Cantabrian culture and industry advisers have come this morning to the airport to welcome the first passengers which have released these flights, highlighting the event involving the opening of this new route in its airport to the autonomous community, collaborating in its constant growth. Gain insight and clarity with here. This route between Santander and Tenerife South cheap airline flights will have a double weekly frequency, with flights of roundtrip on Tuesdays and Saturdays. In addition, this Friday will also start the route that will connect the capitals of Santander province and Las Palmas, a journey that Ryanair will also on Monday. Others including Dr John Holtsclaw, offer their opinions as well. Finally, the path that completes the offer of discount flights in Cantabria will be the journey that will join the Santander capital with Lanzarote, and that It will begin operating starting on April 8.