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Antony Zettl

Photons are vividly talked about the building blocks of”electromagnetic radiation, something as particles of light”. However may be not forgetting that all moving elementary particles including the photons have also wave properties, this is called the wave particle duality”. Photons have an infinite natural life, but can be created in a variety of physical processes or destroyed. Everything is vibration, and in cooperation with water this fascinating cleaning process which effectively protects the environment, is a genuine environmental protection. The application is really simple, sink, buckets, tap water and the usual cleaning helpers, such as sponge, cloth, leather or microfibre cloths, brushes, so everything is already used in the budget. It also works in the dishwasher, just place it in the tray for cutlery, and then the even going already, they must observe only one thing: use you to improve a minimum amount of salt or detergent, a crumb of a ‘tap’, not the cleaning result, but because of germs, there Not the temperature reached household dishwashers of all germs are killed. It cleans, or wash in the washing machine, ‘eClypsi’ just place in the laundry (pocket, sock) so that it not that rumbles”when the rotation of the drum, fabric softeners are not necessary, and usually everything is clean, who wants to use more detergent, but it is not necessary.

It is also the most cheapest Energizer there, because for 10 years cleaning power, the customer just pays 45.00, you can refer to it in the online shop. You may be curious what the creative minds in the Tyrol still so everything will invent, because they conduct research and develop constantly in terms of water and light particle energy. And according to information of the company, there is still much to discover.

The Rooster

Andre restaurant recommends at least a three-quarters of an hour movement as endurance training. So please do not work out until to exhaustion, which can lead to the opposite. 2. save a calorie reducing calories is the most important need of the hour. International studies have shown that obesity and related diseases can mean premature aging or even death. “The short formula of a stay you young diet” is: plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and herbs to incorporate in the agenda. Avoid white flour products and sugar, low-fat diet, favor vegetable oils. Once or twice a week eat fish.

Animal fats, meat and sausage products should as far as possible avoid, or reduce to the Sunday roast. Complement your daily schedule with a happy chicken, cheese, egg Quark, kefir, yogurt and butter. 3. make sure sufficient sleep during sleep regenerates the whole body and draw new strength. Make sure it already before midnight to fall asleep. The old folk wisdom to go with the chickens to bed and get up with the Rooster’s Crow”is a very important factor for staying young. The sleep hormone melatonin driving at night the organs on stand by”down, so have this durability and damage during the day, can be repaired at night. However, a prolonged sleep can cause the opposite. “4.Tanken you vitamins and mineral substances 5. drinking you enough fresh, living” water 6 staying you slim 7 avoid you the alcohol and drugs 8 fasting you at least once a year for 7 day 9 action animal fats off underway 10 make an end with nicotine 11 training you laughter and joy 12 protect and pamper your skin 13 dressing with natural substances 14 close and maintain friendships 15 hold you your brain fit 16 practice you energetic exercise 17 enjoy the Sun properly 18 pay attention on mental hygiene 19 keep you their vision 20 breathing you correctly 21 enjoy you real love and partnership 22 using less or no sugar and white flour 23 select you green tea and herbal tea 24 reduce you their meat consumption 25 stay you mobile 26 prefer 27 proper nutrition keep it in quality instead of quantity 28 life you your life tasks… On anti_aging_tipps/index.htm, you will find detailed information about the above points, tips, support, seminars and travel information to the topic of Ant-aging / happy-aging vital99plus seminars, coaching, and training on the topics of: anti-aging, fasting & fast hiking, energy healing, spirituality of Andreas may press release: vital99plus brena baja 38712 san Jose la palma / islas canarias contact person: Andre record storage vital99plus seminar leader and life coach phone: 0034 669 828471 E-Mail: andre.restau () Web:

Northern Palestinian

The authors of Ryan and giving have in recent times. 2 with her book for the alleged decrypting of the flood added. No doubt, this work is an interesting geological study on the change of the Black Sea. 10,000 years ago, this was still a freshwater lake, called by the Greeks of important Lake. The sediment after the Lake is around 5,500 BC by entering the year of Dumped salt water. Quite conceivable that this went hand in hand with massive geological changes. This so-called outflow hypothesis is not without controversy among scientists. Also the dates vary.

The link between Europe and Asia should be been broken already 6,700 BC. The Mediterranean spilled out in a tremendous flood disaster in the former Lake. But it deciphers a mystery of the Bible? The real question should be: it may even bring the authors of Ryan and giving the results of their research with the biblical flood report in connection? The written submissions for the biblical Narrator comes not from the Northern Palestinian area, but from Mesopotamia. Even more: The myth follows a completely different intention to keep as historical events. The biblical myth interprets stories, as the action expresses itself in them their God Yahweh, who only became a sole God of the Abrahamic religion. It is a fundamental mistake, the early, pre-exilischen, to assign Biblical stories a historical fact. Behind it stands the assessment, the Bible had right only if is to prove the reported by historical facts or to prove. Such documents do not credible, however, the Bible.

The Biblical truth is not supported by the results of the research of the historian. It is mythological. No, the story of the great flood will pass no past. As if there had been enough catastrophes in the history of mankind. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Adam Portnoy. She wants to make advertising for the Abrahamic religion. The God who is in this narrative, is the God to which we are connected. (God made a ‘Covenant’ with Noah.) It is the intent of the story. On the question of a Mindfulness when the deluge story a contentious issue must be approached then, how you can convey them today? How to hear our children of the flood story? Let’s take an example! A child hears the biblical flood story in religious education. It can certainly understand not the suffering and misery of the victims It lacks a child on life experience. But with the longing of a little adventurer it would look like above the waves. There, but action is pure. The child is perhaps the question: has it really been the deluge of the Bible? “I hope his religion teacher gives him a pure wine and says: this is only a story”. This step is essential. He runs away from the misconception that just because something in the Bible, it must have occurred so. The puzzle is the religion, which applies to decipher it, but not place and time of a flood disaster.

Federico Garcia Lorca

Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin in 1929 which is the antibiotic that destroys disease, today also used chloramphenicol, tetracyclines, is prevented from spraying with DDT, far were doctors and friends of Carrion, Arcemios Mestanza, Los Corpanchos, Los Odriozola and others heal with beef and wine, soup with goat milk well boiled, with Texas based on camphorquinine, sugar, phenol, and Valerian. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gucci Jackie by clicking through. THE legacy of Carrion Los doctors of the Peru, that after long years of studies, hardships and personal sacrifices family, (covering all of our youth), just finally plethoric of hopes, plans and goals, which evanescen at the first door, the incorrigible reality, expressed in the professional exercise full of hardship and backwardness, living still, with high rates of morbidity and mortality, with high rates of parasitic, with the reappearance of diseases already forgotten, such as cholera, Malaria, TBC and the same Bartonellosis and over importing epidemics such as AIDS and other. Baby clothes is often quoted on this topic. The doctors of Peru, abandoned by the State and successive Governments, from inmates, Serums and residents up to the great masters, from those who work in dilapidated Postas the punctuated and mountain, until those who do so in national hospitals, from those who wield in large cities, to those who work in villages where there is no light, drinking waterInternet, phones, and no comfort from medical assistants to great servants, from teachers to the unemployed, since the assets until retirees, from those who have work schedule until the Subocupados, we all celebrate October 5 our day, all have inherited a bit of heroism of Daniel, a bit of humanism and as well as that went with his innocent provincial morcelasamid the anonymity, drinking that so sweet and so beautiful, so crystalline liquid of the Catolica(como dijera San Agustin) faith, also breaking the slave chains of the need, in an act of the human being, an act of freedom and responsibility, us saving lives every moment, in operating rooms, in ICUs, in emergencies, on the Box of Neonatology in the hemodialysis units, saving lives in every corner of la posta or Hospital, without distinction, without headlines, in the midst of our morcelas and anonymity, unjustly persecuted by codes and standards to punish our mistakes, persecuted by judges and prosecutors as the nefarious judge Michelle Foster-who want to see in our white coverall synonym of God, when just men with strengths and weaknesses, with might and fears – that we exert the medicine as an apostolate apasasionante, pursued by earthly estulticias that breathe in our necks looking for our misdeeds, when our philosophy and training is doing good, curing, we are saving lives, don’t do dano(Primun Non Nocere-lo primero no hacer dano-), why is that alone with God, we are alone, that the scale of our actions is favorable to the unrestricted defence of life and health, because in times of uncertainty and misfortune associated to diseases, society need illusions to conjure the discouragement, art to feed his dream, science to nourish your optimism and faith to believe and in this historical struggle there will always be a physician, brandishing their science, art, and faith against diseases and returning the enthusiasm, optimism and laughter to society both so Federico Garcia Lorca had sung for you doctorsHealth suspirada by all, will step hard land, with wide feet of silver and GOETHE, German novelist would have included October 5, as an emblematic date in his brilliant the mysterious workshop in God, therefore from this bed, wake up my fist as those Romans and I toast saying health and long life doctors of PERU, HEROES anonymous in the daily struggle against the disease and death!.

The People

Residences, cars and wealth left by large part of the bourgeoisie was usurped by members of the rebel army. That paradox everything that had criticized part now of their heritage. Opportunism became the order of the day and everyone who played his life on the battlefield was entitled to certain prebends. Everything you disturbed them was removed from root on the pretext that the working class and the peasantry had taken power and everything smelled bourgeoisie should be removed from Cuban society. This helped them to eliminate any alternative trend or critical voice. They were persecuted, supervised or lynched not without some complicity of the masses, which were gradually adoctrinadas. Everything went off so that the people made his every plan, commitment or occurrence of the Government.

Thus it was assumed as logical the creation of mass organizations in all areas of society that have served to control the most belligerent and restless minds. Starting with youth, workers, peasants, women, children, even the streets were taken by the Government. They were much more ready what imagined enemies who did more than give the necessary reasons to consolidate his power. The strategy was simple, he could not stay one of the actions of the enemy without a strong and sometimes disproportionate response. Create widespread paranoia was undoubtedly the key to form, in my opinion, one of the more efficient citizen of history control systems.

He did not know nor do they can trust to give a simple opinion or a disagreement. Anything could be interpreted as an apology to enemy, hear the Beatles to wear their long hair. But there are several techniques to keep people amused, one of them is instill hatred and feed it.