The Rooster

Andre restaurant recommends at least a three-quarters of an hour movement as endurance training. So please do not work out until to exhaustion, which can lead to the opposite. 2. save a calorie reducing calories is the most important need of the hour. International studies have shown that obesity and related diseases can mean premature aging or even death. “The short formula of a stay you young diet” is: plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and herbs to incorporate in the agenda. Avoid white flour products and sugar, low-fat diet, favor vegetable oils. Once or twice a week eat fish.

Animal fats, meat and sausage products should as far as possible avoid, or reduce to the Sunday roast. Complement your daily schedule with a happy chicken, cheese, egg Quark, kefir, yogurt and butter. 3. make sure sufficient sleep during sleep regenerates the whole body and draw new strength. Make sure it already before midnight to fall asleep. The old folk wisdom to go with the chickens to bed and get up with the Rooster’s Crow”is a very important factor for staying young. The sleep hormone melatonin driving at night the organs on stand by”down, so have this durability and damage during the day, can be repaired at night. However, a prolonged sleep can cause the opposite. “4.Tanken you vitamins and mineral substances 5. drinking you enough fresh, living” water 6 staying you slim 7 avoid you the alcohol and drugs 8 fasting you at least once a year for 7 day 9 action animal fats off underway 10 make an end with nicotine 11 training you laughter and joy 12 protect and pamper your skin 13 dressing with natural substances 14 close and maintain friendships 15 hold you your brain fit 16 practice you energetic exercise 17 enjoy the Sun properly 18 pay attention on mental hygiene 19 keep you their vision 20 breathing you correctly 21 enjoy you real love and partnership 22 using less or no sugar and white flour 23 select you green tea and herbal tea 24 reduce you their meat consumption 25 stay you mobile 26 prefer 27 proper nutrition keep it in quality instead of quantity 28 life you your life tasks… On anti_aging_tipps/index.htm, you will find detailed information about the above points, tips, support, seminars and travel information to the topic of Ant-aging / happy-aging vital99plus seminars, coaching, and training on the topics of: anti-aging, fasting & fast hiking, energy healing, spirituality of Andreas may press release: vital99plus brena baja 38712 san Jose la palma / islas canarias contact person: Andre record storage vital99plus seminar leader and life coach phone: 0034 669 828471 E-Mail: andre.restau () Web:

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