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The authors of Ryan and giving have in recent times. 2 with her book for the alleged decrypting of the flood added. No doubt, this work is an interesting geological study on the change of the Black Sea. 10,000 years ago, this was still a freshwater lake, called by the Greeks of important Lake. The sediment after the Lake is around 5,500 BC by entering the year of Dumped salt water. Quite conceivable that this went hand in hand with massive geological changes. This so-called outflow hypothesis is not without controversy among scientists. Also the dates vary.

The link between Europe and Asia should be been broken already 6,700 BC. The Mediterranean spilled out in a tremendous flood disaster in the former Lake. But it deciphers a mystery of the Bible? The real question should be: it may even bring the authors of Ryan and giving the results of their research with the biblical flood report in connection? The written submissions for the biblical Narrator comes not from the Northern Palestinian area, but from Mesopotamia. Even more: The myth follows a completely different intention to keep as historical events. The biblical myth interprets stories, as the action expresses itself in them their God Yahweh, who only became a sole God of the Abrahamic religion. It is a fundamental mistake, the early, pre-exilischen, to assign Biblical stories a historical fact. Behind it stands the assessment, the Bible had right only if is to prove the reported by historical facts or to prove. Such documents do not credible, however, the Bible.

The Biblical truth is not supported by the results of the research of the historian. It is mythological. No, the story of the great flood will pass no past. As if there had been enough catastrophes in the history of mankind. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Adam Portnoy. She wants to make advertising for the Abrahamic religion. The God who is in this narrative, is the God to which we are connected. (God made a ‘Covenant’ with Noah.) It is the intent of the story. On the question of a Mindfulness when the deluge story a contentious issue must be approached then, how you can convey them today? How to hear our children of the flood story? Let’s take an example! A child hears the biblical flood story in religious education. It can certainly understand not the suffering and misery of the victims It lacks a child on life experience. But with the longing of a little adventurer it would look like above the waves. There, but action is pure. The child is perhaps the question: has it really been the deluge of the Bible? “I hope his religion teacher gives him a pure wine and says: this is only a story”. This step is essential. He runs away from the misconception that just because something in the Bible, it must have occurred so. The puzzle is the religion, which applies to decipher it, but not place and time of a flood disaster.

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