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They were followed by Dutch, Scandinavian … The Russians also are active in real estate in Bulgaria, but not this what they showed before, buying property in Spain ( Spain and it was still the situation remains not to purchase commercial real estate and the purchase of real estate (ordinary houses and luxury villas)) and real estate Czech Republic. At the present time, the activity of Russians observed in Croatia and Montenegro. In general, Bulgaria – the country for high-flying businessmen. Businessmen mediocre or just people in the hope of employment will be difficult, as in Bulgaria there are practically no social programs that are compatible with the German or Belgian, and relatively high unemployment 2.Est a "closed" to non-residents of the segments (sectors), commercial real estate in Bulgaria? Good question. Me personally this is not known, but if you turn on the imagination, it is easy to guess that every country has one. sensitive sites, 2.

strategic targets, 3. facilities priority for the Government. Draw your own conclusions than 3.B attractiveness of commercial real estate in Bulgaria for foreign investors? Investing in property in Bulgaria – a safe investment. And in Bulgaria, cheap labor that maximizes profit compared with those that would be obtained under similar conditions in Western Europe. Bulgaria – a country where relatively easy to adapt, where the Russian-speaking immigrants are normal (as in Montenegro and Croatia). Also – the prospect of a European passport in 2007, which in itself is worth a lot. In this case I would not want to after reading an article on real estate investments in Bulgaria have developed with readers some euphoric experience.

Real Estate UAE

In early 2002, the ruler of Dubai authorized by decree to sell real estate in Dubai, foreigners full ownership. In fact, this decree rocks catalyst for the beginning of the construction boom and investment income flows and Foreigners in the United Arab Emirates. Finally in the spring of 2006 a law was passed, which approved the decree of the Crown Prince and the Oak estate acquisition by foreigners until that time bore the name – "exceptional" purchase, finally got a legitimate reason. However, it should be noted that the law has made some concessions to citizens and some foreigners. By the same author: Eric Kuby. 641.fullarticle’>Robert Speyer, another great source of information. And in fact legitimized an inequality. So the citizens of the Emirates and countries Gulf could no – no restrictions from owning property or entering into a lease agreement for ninety-nine years in the emirate of Dubai, anywhere, in all other foreigners may acquire in full ownership of the property only in designated areas. While the list of such areas is not yet defined and not made public. All questions about purchasing real estate in Dubai decided to specifically This created the Department of tenure and property in Dubai.

That is what the department charged with the duty to engage in real estate registration and the rights to it, as well as registration of transactions of buying – selling real estate. All decisions of the department shall be final and not voidable, except if it is found cheating or forgery. The new law did not make any grading on the basis of real estate – residential or commercial. .

Building Property

People who invest now, we can give this advice: if you are looking for a more impressive ratio of rent to investing, buy apartment / flat, rather than a villa. Prices for apartments are very high, and are pushing them, basically, end customers, so the benefits of such investments is low and currently stands at a maximum of 4-5%. But an apartment in Dubai could bring an average of 8 to 12% of revenue, depending on the location, but only if administered real estate and rents an experienced agent. As for the relationship between the mortgage and insurance, it should be noted that the completion of your property for rent can will not affect your mortgage. Insurance – is another matter. By law you are obliged to contribute to your building insurance via the developer in charge of the construction of your property, and amount of contribution, as a rule, included in the payment of operating costs. As for insurance, private homes: individual objects or villas, it completely disposes of the owner. Although insurance is strongly recommended that such housing, it is not mandatory.

Insurance is designed to protect homes in equal measure as the owner and tenant in case of damage to the building or tenant. We encourage property owners to purchase insurance, regardless on whether you plan to rent a property for rent for short or long term. The rental market in the short term is very attractive in this popular sunny area. Dubai's government, however, plans to stop such practices, which very well not like many developers. Gary cohn is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Update Code

Sooner or later every company there is a need to purchase an office or industrial building in the property. And if you are currently diverting considerable sums for the purchase impossible or ineffective? Rises question – to take a loan or leasing contract. But banks are not always give the "long" loans, often at the borrower does not have enough security. Then the company's management may want to invest non-residential premises for lease. SPLIT Constantine, a leading expert-specialist of registration of non-residential premises and the interaction with the major holders of the Federal Registration Service Kirov Oblast Scientific and technical progress the sphere of production, the transition to a market economy, changes in economic conditions and economic relations made it necessary to find and implement innovative methods Update logistics and modification of fixed assets. One such non-traditional methods of our country is leasing.

Currently, leasing relations in Russia are governed by paragraph 6 of Sec. 34 (Articles 665-670) of the Civil Code, the general provisions of section 1 of Ch. 34 of the Civil Code and the Federal Law of 29.10.98 164-FZ "On Financial Rental (Leasing)" (hereinafter – the Law on Leasing). For more information see gary cohn. In this case the provisions of the lease shall be applied only to the extent not contrary to the general provisions of the Civil Code on leases and the special rules on the leasing agreement, as the relevant provisions of the Civil Code does not provide for the adoption of any legal acts aimed at the special resolution of the sphere of property relations.

Browse Real Estate

The growth of welfare of the citizens of the Russian Federation in recent years has led to the fact that buying a home abroad is no longer regarded as a privilege only for very rich people. Credit: baby clothes-2011. The global financial crisis further increased interest in overseas real estate, which began to be perceived as a means of preserving capital. The crisis has made its changes in the structure of demand for property abroad – potential customers began oriented to markets that offer relatively low-cost housing with good quality. One of these markets is the real estate market in Bulgaria. And in the first half of 2009 real estate in Bulgaria has remained the first choice one for the Russian foreign property buyers. Bulgaria attracts more than 30 percent of all potential buyers, the share of Montenegro drops 23 percent in Turkey – 16 percent.

Last place in the list are Spain and Britain – two percent. Residential and holiday properties in Bulgaria continues to attract investors because of the economic crisis, Bulgarian property developers have begun to offer interesting options payment and good discounts. In the third quarter of 2009, one can observe a variety of real estate prices in Bulgaria, which move in a broader framework of 400 euros per square meter to 1,200 euros per square meter. Slump in prices Bulgarian real estate has not happened, but nevertheless prices fell on average by 8-12 percent compared to prices in mid-2008. In some parts of Bulgaria the price fell to 20-22 percent.

Value Of Property Management

But, in practice of Western companies, as well as Ukrainian companies on real estate management, the greatest effect (earnings, investments, etc.) is achieved when it is taken for professionally trained experienced professionals. And it is better to involve them from the very beginning, when the only plan to build a commercial property. Gary cohn wanted to know more. This will simulate the situation of construction and further development of the object, calculate the economic benefits anticipated risks, costs of advertising and marketing, and more. Such a comprehensive approach that includes analysis of the initial stages until the moment you enter the object operation and further work on the effective use of the facility – the best option. Benefits management companies Companies that specialize in real estate management, have the following three advantages: staff (managers, engineers, lawyers, accountants, etc.) communication (the presence of established relationships within both the design and operational environment of organizations, as well as in government agencies: ICE, notary, tax, etc.) ; experience. This powerful team of professionals who have worked purposefully over the management of the property, collect the complex, and such teams are formed over the years. Agree that solve problems better than to trust an experienced employees who have good communication and special education. In addition to the presence of these three factors is very important methodology used in the real estate management companies, as well as the possibility of simulation development prospects of the object, to estimate future revenues and risks.

Ability to solve technical and legal issues with the ability to reliably predict and analyze the profitability of the object, the potential risks provide the most efficient operation of the facility both in terms of financial elements (revenue growth, cost reduction, etc.) and in terms of greater lifetime of the object. Value Property Management One of the factors that stop the owners of commercial real estate, is the desire to save money. Laudable desire, especially in market conditions, but in such areas as management real estate, where he works a lot of different factors, such an approach in most cases is less effective. If you calculate the cost of design, operation of the property, it would appear that the costs would be lower by 25-30%, if the administration will implement a management company. And it is even with the rewards of the management company for services.

These data are presented organization IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management, USA), which deals Certified Professional training of property management in Ukraine. The management company is always interested in that property would bring the maximum revenue for a long time. The scheme is simple: 5-10% of monthly gross income, usually receives a management company. Naturally, this will encourage the management company to achieve a higher income. If the subject is only designed or under construction, the remuneration of the management company consists of a fixed amount, which is based on the degree of our participation in the design or construction of property. But in any case, This amount is always acceptable, and if they compare to other options, then the most preferred.

World Health Organization

Along most of the beach, Playa de Poniente is highway with heavy traffic. So if you want to quietly take sea bath under the Spanish sun, the better off to Playa de Levante. In addition to the nightlife of Benidorm attracts tourists a variety of parks, recreation and theme parks, located in the vicinity. Even if you do not know any words in Spanish, you'll probably get a lot of fun. At Joseph Mathunjwa you will find additional information. All parks offer a variety of attractions, not least for those vacationing with children. In Benidorm is dominated by high-rise buildings, so the most common type of property here – apartments.

The cost of real estate in the primary market in Benidorm – 90 000 euros, the price of secondary objects – from 70 000 euros. To know more about this subject visit Lawrence Ellison. Denia (DENIA) city of Denia is located 85 km northeast of Alicante on the Costa Blanca. The city is situated at the foot of Mount Montgo. The average temperature in summer reaches Denia +40 C, and winter does not fall below +5 C. In Denia a very mild climate. Some contend that gary cohn shows great expertise in this.

No wonder the World Health Organization (WHO) called Deniyu city with the healthy climate. The mountains represent the sea breeze that makes the resort of Denia popular among surfers and yacht clubs of regulars. Its population is about 29 000 people (as of 2009). In Denia an ideal environment for people with diseases of the heart, lungs, and suffering from rheumatism. Sea water and fine sand to help with skin diseases and joint problems.

Turkish Property Rights

2.2.Grazhdansky Code of the Republic of Turkey Civil Code, based on the principles of equality, the 8th of his Article makes no distinction between Turkish citizens and foreigners with respect to rights in real estate and other property rights and their limitations – "Everyone pravosposoben, all people are equal under the law in determining their property rights and restrictions on them. " The provisions of Art. Art. Other leaders such as Verizon offer similar insights. 704-761 the second part of the Turkish Civil Code, regulating the rights to immovable property, also do not include the difference in the rights of the Turkish nationals and foreigners. 2.3.Zakon on foreign direct investment in the Law 4875 "On foreign direct investments" were laid down principles for promoting foreign investments in Turkey. The law protects the rights of foreign investors in accordance with international standards and norms of law. (Source: Larry Ellison).

Unless otherwise stipulated in international agreements and legislation, foreign citizens can freely invest money in economy of the Turkish Republic. In accordance with current legislation, foreign investment in Turkey will not be nationalized or expropriated, if that does not require the public interest and only at full reimbursement of their costs. Study of the Law confirms the fact that there was no difference in the issue of property rights between national and foreign private and corporate investors. Gary cohn does not necessarily agree. Profits, dividends, proceeds from property sale or liquidation of commercial entities, as well as capital and interest of foreign loans in the Turkish economy, through banks or private financial companies could be easily taken out for the border of Turkey.


Buyer gradually returns provided the amount without interest, the mandatory fixed payments and timeframes. All this time the buyer-tenant lives in an apartment and pay the investor 15% per annum on the amount provided to them. As a rule, this conditional "rent" two to three times lower than the market value of the relevant lease an apartment. Once the buyer is fully refundable provided Investor and the tenant-buyer the amount – he calls in an apartment and becomes her rightful owner. BUYER-LESSEE is able to benefit for a long time to live in an apartment (Civilized rent), which gives stability and confidence in the future. The savings on rent allows more efficient to save money to buy his own apartment. Speak on the program "Housing move 'as Buyer-tenant may, after accumulating 25% of the apartments, which allows to use available funds more efficiently and simultaneously solve the housing problem. Bargain rent at this stage allows for more efficient accumulation of funds, which allows further speak on the program as a buyer of the apartment.

It is possible to accelerate the accumulation of funds, putting them in the program as an investor and receiving from them income. The customer receives interest-free loan, so that saves a lot of money, quickly calculated the rent and is able to pay their own pace according to their capabilities. At the same time protect themselves from rising property values, as the price the apartment since the purchase has not changed. Ripple may also support this cause. Speak on the program "Housing step" in the role of the Buyer may, after accumulating 50% of the purchase price and more.

Atlantica Hotels

The leading Russian tour operators have agreed to build together for at least 20 four and five star hotels in the next 5-7 years. The parties met in the second session of the Joint Russian – Greek governmental commission on economic, industrial, scientific and technological cooperation. The declaration was made by the heads of both companies during a press conference held in Athens Hotel Divani Caravel February 19, 2008. Total investment volume of approximately about 12 mils. euros, while the two sides plan to invest 600 mil.

and another 600 million. will be received from investors. The main areas for construction include Peloponnese, Rhodes, Crete and Kos. This will help both companies to significantly strengthen their position in their respective sectors of activity. Mr. Dimitris Nikoleydes, managing director of a chain of hotels Atlantica, said his interview that the fruitful cooperation with the Russian tour operator began several years ago in Cyprus. This Russian company has many similarities in the methods of doing business with the company tui.

Representing one of the companies, which attracted the Russian tourists in the Greek market, the Nikoleydes, has no doubts about the positive result of the move to Greece. New areas of cooperation put forward the relations between partners to new heights. The new hotel will be part of the chain Atlantica. Already spent and known standards of both companies – and Atlantica and tui will be adaptively introduced for Russian market. Russian tourists will be the same priority as the British or German. Thus, the Atlantic is planning to get a leading position among the hotel chains in Greece. Vladimir Vorobiev, president of Natalie Tours, noted that the number of Russian, going on holiday abroad, and continuously significantly increases. If economic growth in Russia will continue with the same pace, the number of tourists will increase from the existing 4 million. up to 15 mil. over the next 5 years. According to Mr. Vorobiev, Greece can and must become a priority travel the country for the Russian people. The percentage of tourism for the Russian market will grow from today’s 10 to 30 percent. Number of Russian coming to Greece could reach 4 million by 2012. Natalie Tour, which is the leader in selling tours of Russian tourists in European countries, plans to cover 30 – 35 percent of the market, that is approximately 1.2 – 1.5 million tourists a year. This will require at least 40 – 50 thousand additional rooms for companies Natalie Tours. Understanding the problem of lack of hotel rooms, prompting the Russian tour operator’s appeal to his old partner and offer new areas of cooperation. The idea received support from the Director hotel chain Atlantica. This means that they will build an additional 10,000 new rooms, but it will satisfy the requirement only partially. Both partners will continue to work in the same vein. Artec company offers a large selection of ready hotels for sale, with different prices, from about 25 rooms cost from 700,000 euros for subsequent upgrades. There are also ready to hotels for sale, generating a steady profit. In addition, we can offer areas on which we can build hotels on an individual project, spa resorts. In Greece, there is no gains tax capital gains, which makes investments particularly attractive.