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People who invest now, we can give this advice: if you are looking for a more impressive ratio of rent to investing, buy apartment / flat, rather than a villa. Prices for apartments are very high, and are pushing them, basically, end customers, so the benefits of such investments is low and currently stands at a maximum of 4-5%. But an apartment in Dubai could bring an average of 8 to 12% of revenue, depending on the location, but only if administered real estate and rents an experienced agent. As for the relationship between the mortgage and insurance, it should be noted that the completion of your property for rent can will not affect your mortgage. Insurance – is another matter. By law you are obliged to contribute to your building insurance via the developer in charge of the construction of your property, and amount of contribution, as a rule, included in the payment of operating costs. As for insurance, private homes: individual objects or villas, it completely disposes of the owner. Although insurance is strongly recommended that such housing, it is not mandatory.

Insurance is designed to protect homes in equal measure as the owner and tenant in case of damage to the building or tenant. We encourage property owners to purchase insurance, regardless on whether you plan to rent a property for rent for short or long term. The rental market in the short term is very attractive in this popular sunny area. Dubai's government, however, plans to stop such practices, which very well not like many developers. Gary cohn is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

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