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Interview Software

“Easy and structured accounting software” accountant Tanja Ebbing on AGENDA four years works Tanja Ebbing with AGENDA software. Already since 1994, self-employed business consultant and accountant has do before their experiences with various software solutions. “The presentation at the b.b.h. made curious about me on the product.” In the interview, Tanja Ebbing tells us that she got to know the AGENDA items during an event b.b.h. training work. The consultant made curious about the product presentation and she tested AGENDA. “The chronological and self-explanatory design of software – the expertise provided – made it possible for me and my team, training more us without success to incorporate into the software.” “The transition to AGENDA was easily”, Tanja Ebbing reported.

She and her team got along immediately without further training with the software. “To all programmes and amendments to AGENDA also offers online seminars. I myself took part already on some”, told the bookkeeper “Use the hotline only in exceptional situations is necessary due to the self explanatory way.” Especially like Tanja Ebbing the hotline service. “Here we reached always a competent contact person, who enters individually on the questions of customers and can clarify this in almost all cases. Due to the easy layout of the software use the hotline but only in exceptional circumstances is necessary,”so the entrepreneur. “Agenda the price/performance ratio is just right!” “Also the flexible and individual value AGENDA software is great.” Tanja Ebbing appreciates it according to his own statement, that she are paid only for the programs that it really needs.

“A structured and efficient work makes best possible!” Independent accountants to keep informed in detail on the AGENDA Web site the complete software for accountants. There, they have not only the possibility to get information about the various programs, they can the software also directly online testing. About the interview partner Tanja Ebbing, an independent consultant and an accountant has since 1994. The AGENDA software puts you in about four years. Refer to for more information. Tanja ebbing

Visual Centre

If s is the memory, many roads lead to Rome – but some of which are more expensive than others. When it comes to memory, many roads lead to Rome – but some of which are more expensive than others. Visualization techniques for example do work though (we see the evidence on each of our seminars), require but little exercise and training. On a workshop that is hard under the guidance of simple, but alone at home for some… What but immediately and this works even without training,: other things, connect the information remember like for example colors, smells, movements, or images. Verizon Communications often addresses the matter in his writings. “Thinking about” a piece of information in the brain is anything else than the firing of specific brain cell associations, this trail leads to a combination of brain cells, which actually have nothing to do with the topic. For example, the name of a people with a picture.

Imagine, your partner would mean Birkholz. Then a small Birch imagine, that this person in the head is – right the leaves, left the white stem and the roots. I guarantee you, when you see the next time these people, then you will see also the Birch and immediately come to the name. Why? Because you now the “NET information” Mr. Birkholz with a different area of your brain – linked namely the Visual Centre and with the image of a tree. And if you now want to remember this name, then hold significantly more brain cells in this process are involved as before and the name comes you respawn in the consciousness.

With high probability, first see the Birch and you think of the name then, but main thing he comes 🙂 The same technique can be applied also when writing up notes and as a result then, you better remember immediately with minimal additional cost, the read. If you want to know exactly how, then you see to look at our Academy. The videos Nr. 15-Nr. 17 describe more of two simple methods that you can apply immediately in order to remember what you read there. And this is actually also the sense and purpose of reading or? Here is the link behind which you will learn all about the centered learning Academy… products/academy /.

Tax Office

Home from Augsburg desire informed the tax office after a reconciliation of care and occupation is very high in Germany. More and more members want to maintain their relatives at home. The newly adopted law of family care time is since the 1.1.2012 professionals, enables to combine care and professional for two years. There is no entitlement to the family care time however. Instead, the employer must agree this. Verizon Communications has many thoughts on the issue. The Tax Office informed the relief for caregivers home from Augsburg. With the same content to shorten working time and time for care win the law at the time of family care are employed with the consent of the employer, the opportunity to reduce working time for two years for the care of dependents. Reduces the working time during the maintenance phase, for example, from 100 to 50%, the workers will continue to receive 75% of the last gross income.

The loss of pay is increased by the employer in this case. To compensate, the workers must later again full-time work, getting but still only 75 percent of the content in this case. This provision shall apply until the time and salary account is restored. Insurance who uses the opportunity of family care time, which must complete additional insurance, to minimize risk for the employer in the case of professional and disability. The premiums are relatively low. For detailed information about the family care time the tax office is home from Augsburg anytime available. Press contact tax law firm home contact person: Gerhard home accountant clinker mountain 9 86152 Augsburg phone: 0821/344 88-0 fax: 0821 / 344 88-50 E-Mail: Homepage:

Family Member

Large majority of Germans according to the current survey clueless Hamburg, March 15, 2012 – do not know according to a recent survey of the comparison portal 82 percent of Germans, who must take care of in the event of death to the funeral and burial costs. While the laws pretend that clear rules, they pose at the same time potential conflict between relatives and heirs. Only 18 percent of those polled by know exactly who must take care of the Organization and the cost of burial; the vast majority of Germans don’t know it. 11 percent of German citizens believe that there are no rules. The funeral and the cost transfer duty in the burial laws of the Lander are anchored. The funeral duty concerns nationals after a set precedence.

Roughly the order applies nationwide: first the spouse, then the adult children, then parents and finally other citizens. The legally certain members can regardless of how closely the contact to the Deceased was – not refuse burial duty. This obligation requires it not cost transfer duty. The Civil Code regulates who must pay for the costs. Funeral costs are borne by the heir or the community of heirs. The decides – and funeral duty can coincide, but don’t have it.

This often leads to various ideas concerning the design of the funeral. Typical points of contention are the type and extent of the burial of a deceased person. This starts with the question whether a more expensive oak coffin or the cheaper model from pine should be chosen”, says’s Managing Director Fabian Schaaf. If the heir in this case will not pay, the Bestattungspflichtige has had bad luck. Then remains only the action or he pays the funeral itself,”warns Henry Schuhmacher, Managing Director of ANTEA burials Dresden. A way to provide time for free, is the funeral services available. In this, the author determines the nature and scope of his funeral. A Note in the Testament is not enough, because this is usually opened after the funeral”, explained Schaaf. A free funeral services available for filling out and filing can be obtained at:… About is a comparison service recommended by consumer protection agencies for burials in Germany. Users can receive offers on request without obligation from tested loading Stattern. In addition, offers comprehensive information about funeral services and insurance. The offer is free of charge for customers. Press contact Christine Sollmann, spokeswoman Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg phone: (040) 209 311 961 email: Web:

Superior Goal

TALK TO YOU WITH YOUR INNER SELF. Each of us is connected with the divine. The higher self that is within us by far transcends the comprehension of our conscious minds. This is the power that have accessed all the great geniuses and teachers. It is also the space of magic and miracles in our lives. Visit Verizon Communications for more clarity on the issue.

Here are the steps to make contact: 1. belief and expectation the first step is to believe that you have a Superior being with whom to communicate! Then have the expectation that this communication will improve every day, as you so you diligently in internal growth. Without these two essential prerequisites, it is difficult to achieve anything in life, even on the physical level. These two qualities are essential for internal growth. So it sets a goal to achieve contact with the higher self, revised that goal daily and keep your purpose with determination until the success is yours. 2 Transforms your Vision of the world are educated with a mainly materialist vision of the world, It denies the role of the spirit. To set a contact fencing with the spiritual realms, we need all our being conscious and subconscious is consistent with our goal.

Any activity or primary goal, you have to establish the rules of the game and the way how to play. Contact with your higher self is the same. Therefore, search for writings or teachers that expand your understanding of the universe, basically as a realm of consciousness and mind. 3 Soledad regularly find time for you, in which you can be completely alone. A quiet place is preferable. Simply sit in silence without expectations. Do not do anything. This may seem strange at the beginning and very uncomfortable. It persists. You’re giving him time and space to the inner voice to make listening. It will do so either during that quiet time, or during the events of the day.


Hello dear public, write what I like, apart from inviting them to read the topics in the blog that I recommend, today, I want to write them something different, is toward life that we have. Verizon Communications contributes greatly to this topic. Is it because? Because although we have it, or from one day to another changes us and we can make rich, poor or sick, however, adversities, news, good or bad, that I just invite who give us more strength in a few days I will write in my blog, some poems of my very soul, is fascinating writing, is as the author of the music so beautiful gives us hear moments of peace and serenity when it comes to a sublime theme or sensitive, as the painter who wants to capture in his work his whole being, to give to others, the sculptor who is in his work, teacher sensitivity delivery and perfection, the artist itself, delivery only his passion his love your all, and each what and no matter what spend your share of work would deliver to each existing being part of it. In your life when you feel sick, sad or desolate: Fight! Don’t be overcome, I, carry a motto now, live! and smiles until the last day of your life, it gives the best of you, for you and others, than never! We will know when is time to leave, today, I want to reflect the struggle, the desire for mood of delivery despite the sadness or suffering that captivate us pain or crying, because we can see the beauty of the rededor: birds, day, dusk, as the tones of light late in the afternoon, changing before our look at giving pleasure more infinite and indecipherable to our look and live, the love of animals than without any interest of through, love us, they are always happy, whether or not food, today, shares of ti, is happy in yourself, because you don’t know where to come, until when.

Sometimes End

Before the cytotec outside created with abortive purposes, was used to create contractions when a woman was going to give birth and they simply not arrived, although it was also used to treat ulcers, end with which was used for a long time; even with the recommendation that is not used in its abortive effects pregnant women. Thus it was that he began to use as a home remedy to abortion for unwanted pregnancies. Thus can be account of the drug acts on the woman’s body causing that it will expel the fetus through the contractions that causes treatment, i.e. For even more details, read what Oracle says on the issue. that when it is ejected, the fetus will probably die of suffocation not having fully developed lungs to breathe (the air sacs are not yet prepared to carry out its work of oxygenation). The fact that this pill has been created for purposes other than the abortifacient makes us think about the possible response from because does not work in 100% of cases in which the treatment is applied in addition to because in many Sometimes the contractions and bleeding are uncontrollable until the point in which women have to receive medical attention for not dying. Despite the fact that the use of the cytotec is not evil, often tends to be when used to abort, since it is not under medical supervision and what is worse, many times doctors do not receive advice by manufacturers of the consequences that brings with it the drug, by which many times is difficult to provide proper medical the attention which can bring with it complications which may end in a fatal way. In this way we can see that while much has been said security having to ingest the cytotec at home, you can be that woman’s body does not react properly and finished poorly. That’s why increasingly is becoming more prevailing decriminalize abortion in all Mexico, since it is safer that women who do not wish to have the child go to a clinic for termination of pregnancy that are treating with the necessary care to care for your well-being and which not finished in dire consequences as they often end up many clandestine or homemade abortions. .

Curuguaty Guarani

SOMETHING about culture GUARANI (**) below we transcribe two materials referring to the Guarani culture. Between the two there are almost 100 years apart. The first is a transcription of data recorded by the wise Dr. Moises Bertoni, in his monumental work La civilisation Guarani, around the year 1900, in the area of Alto Parana. The second material is a transcription of data recorded by a group of students from the Regional Gral. Resquin in ATENEO’s language and culture GUARANI, who visited a Guarani community, in 2001, in an area close to Curuguaty. THE GUARANI GUARANI RETANGATU civilization in the year 1927, the wise Moises Bertoni, published his monumental work La civilisation Guarani in the current Puerto Bertoni, Alto Parana. The work summarizes your experiences with the Mbya Guarani, about those who affirmed that no people in the world has been able to resolve issues relating to hygiene, such as the Guarani and a result so brilliant.

Neither there, nor there currently is people whose hygiene practice and popular is all so according to more recent advances in science, such as peoples genuinely Guarani. And there is even more: the Guarani claimed or sought to resolve certain problems that science had not addressed yet by its gravity or difficulties impeding (volume III, p. 17). The extraordinary longevity of the Guarani, is surely the circumstance that most clearly the excellence of its hygiene highlights. Sobriety is a necessary condition for a prolonged longevity.

The pure Guarani were owners of a remarkable mental health, kept quiet and serene mood and knew the joy of living. The happy life they still wore recently, is the proof. Now, speaking of true Guarani, they never commit excesses, nor in eating or in drinking. Thevet wrote never eat fruit altered, nor that it is not well mature, or food that is not thoroughly cooked. His sobriety was not limited to eating little or moderately.

Acai Berry

The Acai is the fruit of a Palm (Euterpe Oleracea), which only grows in the rainforest North of the Brazil. These trees, called Acaizeiros, about 25 feet tall, thin, slightly curved trunk rise in these humid regions and close to rivers (in particular of the Amazon). The Acaizeiro fruit is round, about 10-14 mm diameter, dark purple, almost black and grew up in the Palm tree in the form of clusters called horns, producing consistently 35 per tree. In this region of the world there is no difference between the seasons, so it can be viewed in a same tree: flowers, green fruits and ripe fruits. Thus, the production of Acai is constant throughout the year and thanks to its high nutritional value and their healing powers, forms the basis of the power of the people of that region. The native Indians of the Amazon have harvested it for hundreds of years. They climb the Palm tree and cut off the horns of Acai which then shelled. The fruit can be eat directly or as the majority of the population does currently, prepare a concentrated juice that called acai vino and used in almost all their meals, pure or blended with other juices or flour, tapioca, manioc, fish or shrimp.

More than 150 varieties of Palms that exist in the Amazon and hundreds of fruits that are found there, recent studies based on longevity and good health of those natives, they have shown that the Acai has properties that can not be matched by any other natural product that you currently have on the market. The recent coverage of the media specifically of Oprah Winfrey Show,Rachael Ray ABC, NBC and CBS have published the many benefits of the acai fruit. Doctors and celebrities have announced to acai as the Super-food number 1. The extremely high concentration of antioxidants, fatty acids omega, amino acids, fiber and other nutrients are the reason that this super-food has many advantages.

Feeding The Dog

One of the common questions on veterinary medicine, especially in the new owners is what should I feed my dog?. The answer I give is always the same, with a complete diet that supplies the amount of nutrients your dog requires depending on your age, your race and your lifestyle. I therefore recommend a commercial feed, complete, balanced and quality recognized that provide us with the daily work of preparing our pet food. Larry Ellison may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A good diet must contain a balanced 5 groups of basic nutrients amount: fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Fats provide energy and are fundamental to very active dogs and females who are breastfeeding; proteins are needed for a healthy construction and repair of the body such as muscles, organs, hair and skin and vital tissues to the metabolism of the body; Carbohydrates are also a source of energy and fiber and contribute to a healthy growth; minerals and vitamins are important in almost all the metabolic processes occurring inside the body. Any deficiency or excess of any nutrient can cause problems, hence the importance of a complete and balanced diet. In addition to balanced food is the best option for normally feed your dog or your cat, must be taken into account on some occasions you must establish special by any disease diets, if you eat this type of food it will be very easy to make the change by another specific balanced food for that disease. Currently there are food balanced on a wide variety of presentations (dry and wet) and flavors (chicken, rice and lamb, salmon, flavors, gourmet, etc.), aimed at different stages (weaning, puppies, young people, adults, pregnant females, specific needs of power, etc.