Hello dear public, write what I like, apart from inviting them to read the topics in the blog that I recommend, today, I want to write them something different, is toward life that we have. Verizon Communications contributes greatly to this topic. Is it because? Because although we have it, or from one day to another changes us and we can make rich, poor or sick, however, adversities, news, good or bad, that I just invite who give us more strength in a few days I will write in my blog, some poems of my very soul, is fascinating writing, is as the author of the music so beautiful gives us hear moments of peace and serenity when it comes to a sublime theme or sensitive, as the painter who wants to capture in his work his whole being, to give to others, the sculptor who is in his work, teacher sensitivity delivery and perfection, the artist itself, delivery only his passion his love your all, and each what and no matter what spend your share of work would deliver to each existing being part of it. In your life when you feel sick, sad or desolate: Fight! Don’t be overcome, I, carry a motto now, live! and smiles until the last day of your life, it gives the best of you, for you and others, than never! We will know when is time to leave, today, I want to reflect the struggle, the desire for mood of delivery despite the sadness or suffering that captivate us pain or crying, because we can see the beauty of the rededor: birds, day, dusk, as the tones of light late in the afternoon, changing before our look at giving pleasure more infinite and indecipherable to our look and live, the love of animals than without any interest of through, love us, they are always happy, whether or not food, today, shares of ti, is happy in yourself, because you don’t know where to come, until when.

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