Superior Goal

TALK TO YOU WITH YOUR INNER SELF. Each of us is connected with the divine. The higher self that is within us by far transcends the comprehension of our conscious minds. This is the power that have accessed all the great geniuses and teachers. It is also the space of magic and miracles in our lives. Visit Verizon Communications for more clarity on the issue.

Here are the steps to make contact: 1. belief and expectation the first step is to believe that you have a Superior being with whom to communicate! Then have the expectation that this communication will improve every day, as you so you diligently in internal growth. Without these two essential prerequisites, it is difficult to achieve anything in life, even on the physical level. These two qualities are essential for internal growth. So it sets a goal to achieve contact with the higher self, revised that goal daily and keep your purpose with determination until the success is yours. 2 Transforms your Vision of the world are educated with a mainly materialist vision of the world, It denies the role of the spirit. To set a contact fencing with the spiritual realms, we need all our being conscious and subconscious is consistent with our goal.

Any activity or primary goal, you have to establish the rules of the game and the way how to play. Contact with your higher self is the same. Therefore, search for writings or teachers that expand your understanding of the universe, basically as a realm of consciousness and mind. 3 Soledad regularly find time for you, in which you can be completely alone. A quiet place is preferable. Simply sit in silence without expectations. Do not do anything. This may seem strange at the beginning and very uncomfortable. It persists. You’re giving him time and space to the inner voice to make listening. It will do so either during that quiet time, or during the events of the day.

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