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“Easy and structured accounting software” accountant Tanja Ebbing on AGENDA four years works Tanja Ebbing with AGENDA software. Already since 1994, self-employed business consultant and accountant has do before their experiences with various software solutions. “The presentation at the b.b.h. made curious about me on the product.” In the interview, Tanja Ebbing tells us that she got to know the AGENDA items during an event b.b.h. training work. The consultant made curious about the product presentation and she tested AGENDA. “The chronological and self-explanatory design of software – the expertise provided – made it possible for me and my team, training more us without success to incorporate into the software.” “The transition to AGENDA was easily”, Tanja Ebbing reported.

She and her team got along immediately without further training with the software. “To all programmes and amendments to AGENDA also offers online seminars. I myself took part already on some”, told the bookkeeper “Use the hotline only in exceptional situations is necessary due to the self explanatory way.” Especially like Tanja Ebbing the hotline service. “Here we reached always a competent contact person, who enters individually on the questions of customers and can clarify this in almost all cases. Due to the easy layout of the software use the hotline but only in exceptional circumstances is necessary,”so the entrepreneur. “Agenda the price/performance ratio is just right!” “Also the flexible and individual value AGENDA software is great.” Tanja Ebbing appreciates it according to his own statement, that she are paid only for the programs that it really needs.

“A structured and efficient work makes best possible!” Independent accountants to keep informed in detail on the AGENDA Web site the complete software for accountants. There, they have not only the possibility to get information about the various programs, they can the software also directly online testing. About the interview partner Tanja Ebbing, an independent consultant and an accountant has since 1994. The AGENDA software puts you in about four years. Refer to for more information. Tanja ebbing

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