Curuguaty Guarani

SOMETHING about culture GUARANI (**) below we transcribe two materials referring to the Guarani culture. Between the two there are almost 100 years apart. The first is a transcription of data recorded by the wise Dr. Moises Bertoni, in his monumental work La civilisation Guarani, around the year 1900, in the area of Alto Parana. The second material is a transcription of data recorded by a group of students from the Regional Gral. Resquin in ATENEO’s language and culture GUARANI, who visited a Guarani community, in 2001, in an area close to Curuguaty. THE GUARANI GUARANI RETANGATU civilization in the year 1927, the wise Moises Bertoni, published his monumental work La civilisation Guarani in the current Puerto Bertoni, Alto Parana. The work summarizes your experiences with the Mbya Guarani, about those who affirmed that no people in the world has been able to resolve issues relating to hygiene, such as the Guarani and a result so brilliant.

Neither there, nor there currently is people whose hygiene practice and popular is all so according to more recent advances in science, such as peoples genuinely Guarani. And there is even more: the Guarani claimed or sought to resolve certain problems that science had not addressed yet by its gravity or difficulties impeding (volume III, p. 17). The extraordinary longevity of the Guarani, is surely the circumstance that most clearly the excellence of its hygiene highlights. Sobriety is a necessary condition for a prolonged longevity.

The pure Guarani were owners of a remarkable mental health, kept quiet and serene mood and knew the joy of living. The happy life they still wore recently, is the proof. Now, speaking of true Guarani, they never commit excesses, nor in eating or in drinking. Thevet wrote never eat fruit altered, nor that it is not well mature, or food that is not thoroughly cooked. His sobriety was not limited to eating little or moderately.

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