Value Of Property Management

But, in practice of Western companies, as well as Ukrainian companies on real estate management, the greatest effect (earnings, investments, etc.) is achieved when it is taken for professionally trained experienced professionals. And it is better to involve them from the very beginning, when the only plan to build a commercial property. Gary cohn wanted to know more. This will simulate the situation of construction and further development of the object, calculate the economic benefits anticipated risks, costs of advertising and marketing, and more. Such a comprehensive approach that includes analysis of the initial stages until the moment you enter the object operation and further work on the effective use of the facility – the best option. Benefits management companies Companies that specialize in real estate management, have the following three advantages: staff (managers, engineers, lawyers, accountants, etc.) communication (the presence of established relationships within both the design and operational environment of organizations, as well as in government agencies: ICE, notary, tax, etc.) ; experience. This powerful team of professionals who have worked purposefully over the management of the property, collect the complex, and such teams are formed over the years. Agree that solve problems better than to trust an experienced employees who have good communication and special education. In addition to the presence of these three factors is very important methodology used in the real estate management companies, as well as the possibility of simulation development prospects of the object, to estimate future revenues and risks.

Ability to solve technical and legal issues with the ability to reliably predict and analyze the profitability of the object, the potential risks provide the most efficient operation of the facility both in terms of financial elements (revenue growth, cost reduction, etc.) and in terms of greater lifetime of the object. Value Property Management One of the factors that stop the owners of commercial real estate, is the desire to save money. Laudable desire, especially in market conditions, but in such areas as management real estate, where he works a lot of different factors, such an approach in most cases is less effective. If you calculate the cost of design, operation of the property, it would appear that the costs would be lower by 25-30%, if the administration will implement a management company. And it is even with the rewards of the management company for services.

These data are presented organization IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management, USA), which deals Certified Professional training of property management in Ukraine. The management company is always interested in that property would bring the maximum revenue for a long time. The scheme is simple: 5-10% of monthly gross income, usually receives a management company. Naturally, this will encourage the management company to achieve a higher income. If the subject is only designed or under construction, the remuneration of the management company consists of a fixed amount, which is based on the degree of our participation in the design or construction of property. But in any case, This amount is always acceptable, and if they compare to other options, then the most preferred.

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