Property In Spain

Climate – unique: sunny days per year, about 300, and rainy – not more than 20-30. Eric Kuby may also support this cause. In summer there is no extreme heat in the winter – cold. Excellent wines, gourmet cuisine, beaches, sea, holidays with carnivals, architecture, museums, the "Real" with Barcelona and, most importantly, very friendly people. Well, because not for nothing that the Europeans, and now our Russian people chose this fertile country – Spain – Vacation with family and friends of business, making investments, and even the choice of this paradise for permanent residence. The latter, incidentally, in Spain, made much easier than any other country in Europe. That the person at the new location must first place? Sure, housing, and Spanish property. Agree, sounds good. "Apartments on the Mediterranean coast!" Why not? But look at everything in order.

Honestly, the most preferable to acquire housing in the suburbs, or in other words, outside the city limits. Here has its advantages. At the same improvement and infrastructure – the quiet, green, quiet neighbors, and especially popular among lower the cost of your home. More profitable if your house is unfinished or newly constructed. Due to an increase in property prices after a few years you can, if desired, by selling it to recover their money, receiving a two-fold excess amount spent. Prices property in Spain are growing at 15% per year. Demand is not falling for years.

Speaking of apartments. Do not be afraid of such an elegant word. It's just flat, and the cost of new apartments is around 250,000 euros, and bought on the secondary the market can cost 4 times cheaper. When you go to the home you liked, you will not find that all that can be removed or break down, former owners had already blown. So, unfortunately, made in Russia. Here, you will not have once more to fly. The apartment is always equipped with a water heater, kitchen furniture, bathroom fixtures, built-in and cupboards. Education and health systems in Spain are organized very well. Itself a level of service professionals from medicine will depend on your ability to pay. If you do not have any insurance documents, emergency departments will have a Spanish Red Cross. But, having a view of the residence, we can already count on the free basic medical care and emergency medical care. A lot of it. The education of children begins with three years of compulsory schooling but – with five. After studying for six years, your child enters high school and after graduation, go on courses, preparing to receive a bachelor's degree. This status will allow him to pass exams at the university. That's it: a property in Spain in the property is framed, children are arranged. A new life begins.

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