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The leading Russian tour operators have agreed to build together for at least 20 four and five star hotels in the next 5-7 years. The parties met in the second session of the Joint Russian – Greek governmental commission on economic, industrial, scientific and technological cooperation. The declaration was made by the heads of both companies during a press conference held in Athens Hotel Divani Caravel February 19, 2008. Total investment volume of approximately about 12 mils. euros, while the two sides plan to invest 600 mil.

and another 600 million. will be received from investors. The main areas for construction include Peloponnese, Rhodes, Crete and Kos. This will help both companies to significantly strengthen their position in their respective sectors of activity. Mr. Dimitris Nikoleydes, managing director of a chain of hotels Atlantica, said his interview that the fruitful cooperation with the Russian tour operator began several years ago in Cyprus. This Russian company has many similarities in the methods of doing business with the company tui.

Representing one of the companies, which attracted the Russian tourists in the Greek market, the Nikoleydes, has no doubts about the positive result of the move to Greece. New areas of cooperation put forward the relations between partners to new heights. The new hotel will be part of the chain Atlantica. Already spent and known standards of both companies – and Atlantica and tui will be adaptively introduced for Russian market. Russian tourists will be the same priority as the British or German. Thus, the Atlantic is planning to get a leading position among the hotel chains in Greece. Vladimir Vorobiev, president of Natalie Tours, noted that the number of Russian, going on holiday abroad, and continuously significantly increases. If economic growth in Russia will continue with the same pace, the number of tourists will increase from the existing 4 million. up to 15 mil. over the next 5 years. According to Mr. Vorobiev, Greece can and must become a priority travel the country for the Russian people. The percentage of tourism for the Russian market will grow from today’s 10 to 30 percent. Number of Russian coming to Greece could reach 4 million by 2012. Natalie Tour, which is the leader in selling tours of Russian tourists in European countries, plans to cover 30 – 35 percent of the market, that is approximately 1.2 – 1.5 million tourists a year. This will require at least 40 – 50 thousand additional rooms for companies Natalie Tours. Understanding the problem of lack of hotel rooms, prompting the Russian tour operator’s appeal to his old partner and offer new areas of cooperation. The idea received support from the Director hotel chain Atlantica. This means that they will build an additional 10,000 new rooms, but it will satisfy the requirement only partially. Both partners will continue to work in the same vein. Artec company offers a large selection of ready hotels for sale, with different prices, from about 25 rooms cost from 700,000 euros for subsequent upgrades. There are also ready to hotels for sale, generating a steady profit. In addition, we can offer areas on which we can build hotels on an individual project, spa resorts. In Greece, there is no gains tax capital gains, which makes investments particularly attractive.

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