Irron is a figure of argumentation (a trope) which consists of presenting a proposal where you understand must be the opposite of what is explained. Irron can be used very effectively to highlight the absurd or the extravagance of a situation or those who cause such a situation. Hear other arguments on the topic with Coupang. An absurd and inadmissible attitude, an anachronistic custom, a useless institution, an incoherent and irrational belief, a philosophical method tramp, a dissonant theology, or a situation of life itself can be object of irron. The rhetorical discipline investigated for many centuries this trope called irron, which allows you to underline that there are underlying or implicit agreements in our communicative Exchange.Irron needs an incongruous situation so that it can be applicable, and needs an audience capable of resolving the apparent contradiction of what we say. No irron without incongruous situation.

This incongruous situation gives it that in ancient Greek comedy placed as opposed to irron: the alazon and the alazoneia.(1) Alazon is who blindly assumes What assumes something of what has not thought thoroughly to see if it is real, and not allowing himself suspecting that things might be otherwise. What produces an alazon is alazoneia.The Bible is full of irron against alazon. To have a minimal success, irron need two Auditors: the eironicos, those who recognize the game and are willing to smile with the use of irron and observe that the above can be a very relevant reality. And the alazones, those who are the object of irron and who do not realize that irron may be pointing to something that had not considered possible. (2) Who against alazon uses irron, takes this occasion to recall the pineapple of alazon. And this action allows also suggest that there is a reality against the case that alazon has neglected to perceive and that irron has perceived very well. The rhetoric also addressed long time to classify the different types and procedures of irron.There are at least three types of irron: 1 – verbal Irron: when something is said to point to the opuesto.2-dramatic Irron: When the environment perceived that something happens to a character and the character ignores what sucede.3-Irron situational: when you point to the incompatibility between what is and what should be.

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