Brazilian History

With this didactic function it still finds resistance is for part of the professor or the institution, difficulty in the use of the technologies or the lack of these, therefore knows that the Brazilian educational system passes for a crisis and that many schools do not possess not even chair to accomodate the pupils whom a TV will say. It has a desmotivao and cliente we are that this crisis will not only be decided with the use of this resource. Contradiction or we do not live in a virtual world and that if it modifies constantly, new forms of communication appear and the professor starts to be mediating of the knowledge that was its privilege in the traditional education, however this model already not if adapta our reality, is necessary a revolution in the way to teach the history that stops many pupils if it becomes completely useless, is necessary that the resume if has adjusted to this new condition. The used visual audio resources correctly will give to the history education the effectiveness that it must have, for in such a way are necessary to tie this with the Real, to our gift, to give utility to it, as it writes Walter Benjamim ' ' history this always in devir' ' , something inert full of names is not and dates, are not a field where the things are commanded, in contrast they put into motion themselves and these changes are not necessarily on the one others. When admitting this new element in the classroom we are contributing for the disruption with the said system traditional. But she is necessary is alert and soon we ask in them: Which the films would be indicated to develop a good work in the classroom? In this in case that a reflection becomes necessary on the objectives that they intend to be reached, which will be the possible debates or investigations that will be able to appear, which publishes target to it? It disciplines obviously it is history however if it does not have to also privilege only historical films but those that display other thematic ones.

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