Before we talk about all the delights of rss people unfamiliar with it, let me say a few words about the birth of the idea of a holiday in RuNet. In May last year in the Russian segment of the web was a study whose aim was to find out: how close users are familiar with rss. The results were disappointing – only about 300 people from 3,500 respondents were active users of rss. A little over 700 people heard about the technology, but do not use it. All the rest – not sleep, nor spirit. Russian-speaking users of rss have decided to rectify this unfortunate misunderstanding and conduct educational program for the uneducated. And there, staring, and afford the use of the system. Attention active users to rss! Skip the next paragraph, he – for beginners. Abbreviation rss is translated to English means "a very simple information dissemination." Looking ahead, we dare to assure that it is indeed a "very simple". After all, information from resources that are signed by the user, automatically gathers and organizes a special program. The use of which, incidentally, is carried out almost intuitively – this offers a convenient and practical interface. One click – Subscribe to the rss, the second – run the program. Voila! Now you know all the updates you are interested in blogs, forums and news resources. In the rss as a rule, a brief description of the text and a link to the full version. Thus, one of the major advantages of rss – the ability to choose the necessary information and does not depend on the will of Internet advertisers. Agree, banners and all kinds of animation – perhaps the main irritant Factor website. So, thanks to rss, you will get rid of melteshaschey advertising and save time. Most of the browsers, email clients, programs for mobile devices and instant messengers used in the present currently supports rss. The most convenient way to read information sent out via rss – to use sections of sites that support this newsletter. Such as Bloglines (), (), Google Reader () and Yandeks.Lenta (). On each of them, incidentally, there are manuals for the rss, written in simple and accessible language!

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