Blog – a convenient way to convey to his readers useful and interesting information to share thoughts, find like-minded, and perhaps even friends. People such as David Fowler would likely agree. Now blogging is a very fashionable and as the audience becomes a powerful tool used for advertising and promotion of anything. * As a rule people who decide to create a blog, are divided into two categories: 1st – those who want to earn money; * 2n – those who want to share some information, experience, etc. * If you belong to the first category, then you should consider the following: To earn a living at it will have to pay quite a lot of blog attention. a>. * Serious blog will require investment. You needed funds for audience analysis, buying links, articles, search engine optimization. At the initial stage it may engage a third-party company or yourself, but as they grow will need to create their own team. * First profit blog can be given only after 6-12 months, and even more.

So if you thought that by posting a few posts per week and paying blog for an hour, twice a day, you can earn decent money, then it is not. * If you are the second category, we consider such nuances: You really have to love to write. * Your office should be interesting, if only a narrow circle of people. * You also need to promote a blog to read it not just you. 🙂 This is perhaps the main points on which attention should be paid when you create a blog. So think, and whether you want it to you. And then your blog will become the next litter, which so many now online. Success in endeavors.

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