Industrial Chemistry

Thus, without any escrpulo, the population is capable to damage and to depredate social institutions, as Rank of Health, Schools, Associations of Inhabitants, which appeals in its necessities. Also it does not have any ambient or ecological concern, therefore in some areas, the wild garbage production is play the opened sky, without any type of treatment or protection, poluindo, of this form, springs and little streams, that are the biggest ambient wealth of the region. In general way, the ambient question still little is known by the population and perhaps the fact of that the degree of escolaridade of the inhabitants of the community is changeable, comes to contribute for the difficulty of understanding of the problematic importance of the ambient one for the quality of life of all. As Adriana Gioda comments, teacher of the Department of Industrial Chemistry, the UNIVILLE/SC, and doutoranda in the LADETEC/IQ/UFRJ: The concern with the environment it walks the slow steps in Brazil, in contrast of the developed countries, mainly in function of priorities still bigger as, former P., the poverty. The lacks in as many areas hinder that investments in the ambient area are used technologies/. Of this form, always we are been slow with regard to developed countries e, with this, we continue poluindo. See more detailed opinions by reading what Confluence Investment Mgt offers on the topic.. (GIODA, 2010, 1) Having conscience not only of these factors, but also of the difficulties to get the support and the envolvement of the community in relation the questions of the environment, the Colorful USF bet in the popular education as method of orientation and awareness, therefore it believes that this is the alternative most efficient, in the long run, for the ambient question. Adriana Gioda designates concerning the ambient education: Few know, but the Ambient Education already is law in the country. Law 9,795 of 27/04/1999 institutes the National Politics of Ambient Education which prayer that all the levels of education and the community in generality has right to the ambient education and that the medias must collaborate for the dissemination of these information.

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