Helmut Rittirsch

No, our creativity is in demand, and also exactly the way, how we will implement those impulses that come from inside (or just God), to the outside. God does not get past the people”, it says in the book, and the man should finally begin his divinity” to recognise and courage to start something. The controversy and the veto of the Christian churches seem inevitable here. For what to ask itself remains at the end of his God the Christian ‘ left, when everything, what he had previously believed, the own desires, human performances or even fear formations rises? Helmut Rittirsch not this question eludes. He reported honestly and completely unadorned by his own fears, especially those existential angst that had tormented him already as a young child and almost driven to despair. Gary Kelly often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Yet he knew that doing something happened and still happens, that fit into no human frame can be ‘. “” Exactly at this threshold are not to stay, but his fears, his desires to his dark side, seems to be the essential task and a must for all those here the dealing with superficialities “and human limitations” not more longer satisfied want, so Rittirsch. To do this, he continues to write: my goal is to show the reader how we much make us often in imaginary dead ends ‘ beta, without understanding the consequence or even the contradictions of this narrow points of view.

The dogma fails on its own cons and claims, which can get neither seen through, nor even maintain it yourself. because the Christian conservative thinking has always been the question dodging, who it anyway “is that the decisions here in us and makes a choice”. In the book the soul of God”you can read also, how does a Western thinker with Eastern wisdom in combination. In which direction it moves as a result, is rousing and exciting. Search for the desired context”, runs like a red thread through the whole book. “Keep the burgeoning insight, developed itself that the divine” approaches to the people in a completely different way and must be completely different. Helmut Rittirsch the soul of God by the immensity in the seeking of God ISBN 3-937568-73-5, 244 pages, 16.80, spirit Rainbow Verlag, Aachen. Author website:

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