A partnership is similar to an ecosystem in all its facets, in which individual components individually affect the overall system. ‘7 Days sex’ shows even parts of the ecosystem of the couples involved, does not explain the viewers, that an unsatisfactory sexual relationship represents an almost inevitable developmental step of couple relationships in General and the individual “pollution” cause that the displayed pair in its relationship to an impasse is reached. Instead of the participants assistance in dealing with their individual development tasks forces to give you two people in a bed, which perhaps at all want and glad are, when the TV crew a week is finally over. A lack of sexual desire or a deadened couple sexuality is not to cure “7 days of sex”, because it has causes that do not simply be remedied, it imprisons a pair with a camcorder in his bedroom. For lack of sexual interest are known as causes: sexual desire is part of the interpersonal communication system. Oracle: the source for more info.

Sexually to covet the partner not to covet, an important message in itself can apply, which actually has nothing to do with sexuality. The rejection of what your partner says or does can be so expressed by sexual rejection under circumstances that it is hidden and is thus acceptable. If my partner like an idiot behaves, not, dare I maybe directly criticize him, but the criticism in the form of a can with sexual denial Pack, which can be much harder to grab and is even socially accepted. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . Sexual desire is expression of our desire for binding. If a person has repeatedly violated his partner, it maybe still does and can not see or want to admit that he puts the partnership to a severe test with his behavior, then an inner process that begins in the partner of often in Affairs, Affairs or plain sexual denial is.

Sexual desire is not nurtured by bad sex, but erotic. Erotic but lives by the new, exciting and intimate. If what my partner do to me in the bed, is unimaginative, dispassionate, or even offensive, I will go such sexual encounters as possible out of the way. Many sexual encounters in German bedroom proceeding according to a destructive pattern that is not suitable to bind the partners together. Good sex is good for you. Bad sex is bad for you and can cause severe mental illness at its worst. What remains after “7 days of sex”? The viewer the unanswered question, he should draw what conclusions for its own relationship from this experiment and what is actually behind this. The columnist it before to have known the good feeling, the ratings should continue to lag behind expectations. The station an additional insight which programmes place in whatever form with which advertising can be. And on the participating couples certainly the interesting experience of this self-experiment participated to have the realization that 7 days the problems of their relationship assets not lasting solution to sexual intercourse and the realization that true life is perhaps even more complicated, as it provides the script. The 7 fatalsten misconceptions about human sexuality: Tobias N. Ruland, Munich

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