They all stood in the street and cried, nobody could do anything, all around were wounded and many killed. Everyone stood and no one was afraid of fire because they were all hungry and completely indifferent … Mom a few days back from the trenches, from the beginning of time all the worse. Soon, in Leningrad burned Badayev warehouses. Dad told me that there was stock for twenty years. They burned for several days, and flowed on the pavement melted butter and sugar. The Germans were well aware of the plan and immediately deprived the population of all food stocks. Facebook addresses the importance of the matter here.

There was a fierce winter. Such frosts do not remember anybody – frozen plumbing, bursting pipes, sewage out of order. The blockade … Just a few months have passed since the war began, and the city already starved. Fewer and fewer products have begun to distribute rationed. First vydavalv 125 grams of bread and the dependents of 250 – the workers.

Cereals were given 300 g butter – 100 g per month. Then came a time when it was not given nothing but bread. And those 125 grams, on which life depended, were not bread, and sticky black mess made from flour waste, wet and spread out into their hands. Each stretched his pathetic piece as much as he could … When Badayev bombed warehouses, many have rushed back to collect the remnants of food scattered around. We collected flour with the ground and sculptured cakes. Always wanted to eat.

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