Ambitions Of Publication Of Research

Scientific manuscripts in high-impact journals scientific writing – significance of the journal and the Science Citation Index for the publication of scientific research results. Orientation and narrowing the publication probability. Before or during the implementation of research results in manuscripts authors must worry about the place of their publication. This includes not only the positioning in the thematically appropriate publications, but also the greatest possible degree of likelihood of publication. Because a manuscript only to each journal can be sent, and so that the factor can be time between completion and potential release critical for the originality and scientific relevance, this need to be given careful. The Science Citation Index (SCI), the publication success of a scientist can be traced on the basis of the, offering, for example, the international scientific journal & country ranking (SJR) or even Thomson Reuters’ journal citation report of the individual scientist is a possibility of orientation in terms of intradisciplinary and epistemic quality of the publication to be elected.

Partially achieved by the protruding of the respective journal editorial board and its scientific orientation, conclusions can be drawn. Usually, the framework conditions for to sending manuscripts are also published by the relevant issuer. An individual longitudinal study of previously published articles also allows an orientation and narrowing the publication probability. Since the Peer Review process is mainly anonymized, this provides usually only rough orientation. Because a review procedure takes longer time, the hands are tied during the process with regard to any possibility of publication the author.

Therefore the balancing between quality or ranking of the chosen question for scientists primarily Publication and publication probability of their manuscript. Another factor is the individual experience of the scientist, who can develop a better sense of increasing career path and publication experience for the place of their manuscript publication. Cumulatively, the divergence between SCI and SJR is a leveling factor in the balancing problems between high-impact journal publication and thus ranking and publication and citation probability.

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