American Questions

“Curiosity is not a crime ” And and the continuation of this phrase may sound differently. Most people somehow get annoyed when they ask “stupid”, from their point of view, questions. “After all, everyone knows that – usually because they begin to answer. Well, firstly, if a person asks a question, then it is not known. Secondly, maybe he is interested in is your opinion on this issue. And thirdly, many of the questions do not give a definite answer. Fourth, to any habitual phenomenon or object can be seen with an unusual side Here , for example. How much would happen if the two apples to add two more.

Got it And if the first two apples weigh a pound of whether four apples weighs in kilograms? “The answer ambiguous, since there is in nature, even two identical apples. And everywhere. The world around constantly open to new, unusual sides, the only important thing to notice these “discoveries.” And to make it easier to just asking questions. Even the most themselves. Well, others too, because the system of thinking of each person is unique. You can always see, even the familiar, familiar objects and phenomena with a very unusual party. And the cost of unusual thinking (in our unusual time) growing by leaps.

And very quickly. Meticulous, American psychologists have estimated that in five sets in the child during the day, more than sixty unique issues. On average, of course. A special “intelligent” children can come up with unusual questions every minute.

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