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But besides the advantages already mentioned a personal level, the Internet also offers great advantages to better position our companies to sell more products and services, here some of the many who have: 1 .- It allows us to be part of this world every increasingly globalized and with great potential for online customers. Do not forget that the Internet is the biggest market in the network, we can sell and buy everything. 2 .- Through a website, we have open our business 24 hours a day and access to customers around the world, you have to create one for your empresa.3 .- By means of social networking so popular these days, we can make great business partnerships, exchange experiences, interesting strategies , and other forms of promotion and positioning of our businesses or productos.4 .- Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, AOL and others, are the most interesting and effective to find free space to advertise our products and other ideas. 5 .- By means of the already famous and sometimes annoying e-mails (due to spam) can simultaneously reach a large number of customers and potential buyers and offer our products. Source: Oracle. But in this case we must be very careful not to abuse these shipments. 6 .- The MSN Hotmail, is undoubtedly the best partner for many businesses. Be communicated in real time with all customers and friends is one of the advantages of this world online.7 .- Another major advantage of internet is its low cost, speed and easy manejo.Internet is no certainly the largest media growth and innovation in recent years, it is almost impossible to guess what is coming.

The pages of this infinite cyberspace network is still unwritten, much to write and share, so it is important that each day more people have access to this large space of knowledge and horizontal communication. Up to us make the best use and benefit from their great advantage. Cheer up and be a part of cyberspace, and as I said the talented Al Gore, "if you're not in the network does not exist" today I tell you, if your company is not in the network, you're losing many sales opportunities. From this side of the magical mist embers Irene Lourdes Bravo

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