Applying NLP

We all know that selling is not easy sometimes.Requires perseverance, attitude and vocation sometimes we get tired of trying to and not getting results is time to apply a very effective tool: the neuro-linguistic programming. NLP applied to sales is a powerful tool that allows (through his techniques), influence people achieve tune, empathize to then be able to lead a conversation and influence them. Such is the case of sellers who are already learning the techniques of NLP and apply it daily in his interviews of sale. It is very useful for enterprising people, you need to offer your products or services to a market segment, to all those people who are your potential clients or buyers. In these cases a good exercise is to observe co-workers or people from the same activity that are already achieving good results have to ask them what they do to obtain that which obtained, how do them and then observe it in action, how takes it to practice. Then it is interesting people watching while talking to observe their hands, their gestures, their faces, where they look. You can distinguish people who tune in and make similar and cross movements and also to those that do not tuned for nothing! Try to do this exercise of NLP and begin to have another skill in dealing with people a good idea is to encourage you to match the tone of voice, your interlocutor to talk on the phone so you’re taking confidence and mastery and you can then begin to implement this aspect of tune sounds but personally. Do you can also investigate about what representative system is your favorite know how you think maybe mostly in images? or sounds? or maybe you mostly use the kinesthetic channel. A way to discover this is simply record your voice! Yes turned on a recorder so leave it awhile, turned on and begins to talk about what happened to you in the course of the day, any account of your activities speaks freely.What then listen attentively you’ve recorded and detects if you are using predicates mostly Visual, auditory or kinesthetic not happy / with this, begins to investigate your friends how to talk? what words use mostly? the representative system is the favorite? Once you go consolidate these elements, it is now time to pay attention to the looks of the people towards where you watch? do top right? do sideways? Finally begins to apply all slowly go by integrating all of this knowledge and begin to apply them in a conversation with practice and time you will obtain excellent results, you will feel with greater resources and can lead a conversation and if you are an entrepreneur / without doubt can make new friendships, more customers, and achieve higher sales! For more information, visit our web site, where addition and will now get two E-Books for free NLP with powerful techniques of the Programacion Neurolinguistica and lots of information to help you to increase your sales, to change and improve your life visit already same: and receive your gifts! Original author and source of the article

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