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Great economists have already warned it as it is Michael Porter.Hay who know nor the FTAA and NAFTA have anything to do with the liberalisation of trade but that is fundamentally about the protection for American industry. United States calls for liberation of trade in services, greater recognition to the U.S. patent, a regime favorable to their enterprises in State contracts.This rather that clear that Argentina must focus conscientiously and definitely to multilateral trade and move towards a deep integration in MERCOSUR.We must make a mature decision for in a short time not having to repent an erroneous measurement carried out.The way to form an efficient MERCOSUR and prospero is long, but we must seize the advantage that both Argentina and Brazil that is leadership shared in South America to implement policies that will help to promote and grow trade that could help the productivity of both Nations. Conclusions: Globalization is a dynamic, multi-dimensional and highly complex process. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Coupang. We can say that the growing technological development and communication are the driving force of the process of globalization, however while social currents coincide in this, each has heterogeneous ideas regarding this.Each stream has a paradigm for interpreting globalization: the globalists: consider this process as a phase culminatoria of capitalism (both in its neoliberal as Marxists u postmarxistas.

versions) that is imposed on the nation-State. This current believes that globalization is a real and can feel its effects globally economically speaking, on the other hand we have the skeptics: on the other hand believe that there is a globalization but a deepening of the internationalization of the economy. According to them the globalization is a myth and the world economy is still characterized by a division of power and I work in a transition going from the internationalization to the after nationalization without causing a globalization where say that such deepening occurred in the 1970s with the formation and development of the corporations. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. understands that this is vital information.

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