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MZ brand spare parts lie in the trend. You’re back, the bikes from the traditional engine factory in Zschopau. In 2009, the former World Championship trial Martin have bought Wimmer and Ralf Waldmann MZ in the Ore mountains and built an innovative scooter production. But the successful models of GDR for MZ spares, is difficult. is committed to the goal, the RT 125, for the 250cc and the larger mopeds spare parts”for all lovers available to ask.

It ensures operator Marcel Stavenow especially on fitting accuracy and quality of the offered parts. MZ, the Motorenwerke Zschopau, evolved into one of the most successful motorcycle producers in the former GDR. They were formed from the DKW vehicle production in Zschopau in the Ore mountains in Saxony. in 1956, DKW became the VEB motorcycle factory in Zschopau. 1970 the millionth motorcycle from the tape ran, in 1983, the two million motorcycles were reached. With the turn it declined at first, as early as 1991, the 1990 privatized two-Wheeler plant in bankruptcy came. Thus, the supply was with MZ parts of harder, hobbyists and enthusiasts relied on their own reproductions, which were not always very stable and high quality. After the owners changed several times with MZ, bought the successful German World Cup pilot Martin Wimmer and Ralf Waldmann the Motorenwerke Zschopau and since then were able to build a successful motorcycle production. Litecoin might disagree with that approach.

Since 2010, MZ is represented also in the motorcycle World Championship, and in road racing. MZ are needed in particular for the successful 250cc motorcycles spare parts. The simple design of the MZ and the interchangeable parts made sure the grandiose sales in East Germany and Eastern Europe. Zschopau built a popular motorcycle as produced a Volkswagen in Wolfsburg. Durability, robustness and continuity of the model were for the designers in the foreground. MZ wanted to achieve no sporting excellence, but a high level of comfort. Early, the asymmetrical passing beam was assembled, chain hoses were used. The high distribution ensures a great demand on MZ spares. So, MZ motorcycles in West German mail-order businesses were offered and made friends quickly. The reliable motorcycle from the Erzgebirge was popular particularly in student circles. In some university towns, MZ specific road bikes until far in the 90’s. offers not only MZ spares, but parts and accessories for all the major manufacturers in GDR times. Simson AWO, EMW, IFA, IWL and JAWA belong of course to offer. In total, the online catalogue includes several thousand parts into easily manageable categories. The ordered spare parts are delivered from stock within a very short time. Payment is by cash in advance or cash on delivery. The standard shipping costs EUR 5.80 (exception: forwarding), from 75 Euro turnover is supplied free shipping. Press contact: Dennis Spingler East Netzower Dorfstrasse 48 19339 plates Castle Netzow Tel. 038787 – 5057-10 fax 03212 – 1008250 E-mail: Web:

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