Childhood Development

Competes to the grandmothers a great mission a time who do not possess the authority of the parents and exactly thus they need to have that to impose limits? what nowadays not even the parents have obtained. In escolinhas and day-care centers ' ' tias' ' if they unfold in attention to take care of to the necessities of ' ' students of fraldas' ' to try to lead the education of some children at the same time, with proper and peculiar customs and habits of each family. Thus, the mothers whom they had opted to the continuation of the professional careers coexist the constant feelings of guilt, remorse and others that form one coquetel emotional painful and are its friends since early when leave house and before arriving at the work it has that to leave its son (with a true change) in the house of the grandmother, escolinha or the day-care center and during the day it folloies and it decides, of far, the relative questions to the son? having that to appeal to the phone calls and brief contacts to have notice and/or to give instructions. The arrival the house, after the day of work, is only the beginning of a new day for the woman/professional mother/, therefore it competes taking care of of the domestic tasks as well as taking care of of the preparativeses for the following day? that she consists since the exchange of clothes in the stock market of the child (that is enormous for signal) until the rank of toys and basic medicines (already prescribed previously for emergenciais situations)? being that always it lacks some item, incrivelmente! To the few, the children go growing and enxergam its mothers as unknown illustrious candies? they call mainly when them for the name instead of calling for ' ' mame' ' (what he is perfectly normal, therefore the grandmothers and too much people listen calling it for the name), or when they do not want to go for house giving preference for sleeping in the house of the grandmothers, or still they compare the food of the mother (made with allied haste dom little culinrio) with the inigualveis spices of vov. is in these and many other difficult moments that the woman/necessary mother to have balance enough to surpass the emotional side and to show to the son who it agrees that she possesss certain limitations, but that a better future for itself makes everything with much love aiming at and for the son and that it would be very good if could admire it as a winner. Thus being, as seen in history, still today the mother is separated of its son. Many women, contrarily to the will, leave its alone children in house, locked and citizens to the misfortunes – for not finding vacant in public day-care centers? leaves for one day of work loading obtains a great negative emotional load and of which the man little shares. ' ' If you to want that something is said, you have asked for to a man; If you to want that something is fact, part for one mulher' '

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