Clean Carpets

If’s it not annoying, to circulate through the floors carpeted always with slippers or barefoot. This will prevent cracks or stains caused by their shoes (tacos, soles). If the place to carpeting is of high circulation, is necessary to then buy type carpets high traffic. They presented a much more strong, resistant and washable fabric. Although investment is greater, the maintenance of these carpets is noticeably smaller than the traditional ones. He is recommended once a year a professional washing. This will allow to extend the life of your carpeting. The dirtiest colors are pink, beige and light blue cake.

Where possible they should try avoided. The tones which better conceal stains are blue, grey and dark brown. The deep pile carpets are not recommended when they inhabit the House pets, such as dogs and cats, who expel large amounts of hair at certain times of the year. The deep pile carpets offer greater resistance to be washed than short hair. The latter facilitate cleaning since they remain in suspension the garbage from their hairs short and hard of the surface.

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