Let’s talk today PayDotCom. Another company PayDotCom affiliate is recognized, it is important to take it into account when of your choice, like ClickBank has a very interesting service. Here are some of them. – It has to promote more than 2000 products are digital but most unlike ClickBank, some of these products are of physical nature. – One of the things I like most about this company is paying the commissions you generate as an affiliate or product owner through PayPal, why this is beneficial? Well, because it’s almost like a direct deposit to your account, this does not have to wait until you get a check or waste time making arrangements to change in the bank, great is not it?. – Another important aspect is its high commissions including up to 80% and should be considered that their products are very good!. – You can use the tool of the widget to promote your products at its network of bloggers and associated websites.

– You can receive payments from most credit cards available in the market, this guarantees you will not lose his commission because there was no way to make the collection. – Unlike ClickBank charges you 49.5 dollars if you want to become a merchant (not affiliated), PayDotCom does not charge anything for free, so a lot of starters choose this company. – And I will not leave out that if some people join through your affiliate link, this company pays you $ 5 and pays the second-level committees, namely that if a person who has purchased a product you become an affiliate and sell a product you receive a commission del10%. These are reasons enough to open your account, do not wait.

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