Client Strategies

Unfortunately it continues being common to observe as the majority of the efforts and the resources of the companies destine to the pick up and attraction of new clients whereas the loyalty occupies a second place or is nonexistent in many cases. In recent months, Scott Mead has been very successful. In many sectors the key of the success is in counting on a good portfolio of fidelizados clients, since the cost of acquisition by client generally surpasses in much the cost of retention or loyalty. The loyalty of the client is a transcendental question in the company. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to speak generally of fidelizadoras campaigns because it is, more than any other aspect, a subject strictly related to the type of objective client whereupon the company works and to the context where she is immersed. Yes it is possible to put in practice some main lines, lines that approach more an investigation of field that to a marketing campaign because when it is solved to establish strategies of loyalty of clients in a company, the behavior of the clients and the intentions of company is going to be more close than ever. Within the loyalty of clients 4 points of great importance exist: 1-Identify and knows your clients. 2-Interact with your clients.

3-Diferncialos, beam that feel unique. 4-Adptate to them and their needs. The profile of the client of the company: A good beginning is to define variable points and to consider, like for example, to define what type of client is the one that, in average leaves to more yield and volume of income to the company One works with university young people? Our more active clients are retired ladies? And, if they are retired ladies how I can fidelizar and attract more retired ladies? It is a first point, because if that is the type of client who more success has contributed to us until the moment, by something is.

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