In coaching there are several: GROW, T, ABC, and so on. These patterns mean a sequence of stages of coaching sessions, which aims to achieve from each session, the maximum effect. During the session, the client is in the process of answering the questions gets a coach opportunity to see the situation from a new perspective, to understand all the causal relationships that led to the current state of affairs. Credit: ASUS-2011. Most importantly, the client can understand that he still needed to actually what he unconsciously and that tends to bring him to life real satisfaction. It seems that everything is very simple and can achieve the same result by simply asking effective questions to yourself. However, this is not the case. Samokouching, Of course, in its own way is effective, but it is far from full performance coaching, which conducts coaching professional. The fact that we are so constructed that avoided the "critical" issues, especially if these questions are asked themselves.

Coach just will not avoid what may seem unpleasant, will not once again like the ostrich, "bury your head in the sand." This means that all will be considered, not even very good moments and will be taken solutions that will really get out of this situation and succeed. Coaching (Life-coaching) affects all aspects of life, without exception, the client. While working on the coaching sessions the client can discover their true intrinsic value, to determine their true life goals and priorities, to find the most appropriate way for him to achieve their goals and tasks of life. Williams Sonomas opinions are not widely known. In addition, the client can find the strength and talents, which previously had no idea completely reconsider their relations with others, find the most effective behaviors for different situations. It is important here is that the client finds all solutions, the coach only helps him in this.

Often the hour (and that is how much, usually lasts for a coaching session) completely transforms a person. A series of several coaching sessions at times which gives better results than years of soul-searching and reflection. During the coaching takes the part of ourselves that is always dissatisfied with something that is constantly interfering in any process in any of our business and tries to limit our options. One of the main tenets of coaching states: "Everyone, without exception, has enormous potential, has all the capabilities and resources to get out of life what he wants." And this postulate put into practice in coaching. Michael Kazarin. Coach. Business consultant.

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