The results of State tests for admission to the Colombian higher education were published in recent days. Very few were much pleased, a little more they complied, although it was not what you expected, one greater percentage, he became disillusioned to see it diluted the dreams that had created in his mind, and the majority, perhaps obtained what they expected or simply felt indifferent to results that will not influence their future academic, since they will be devoted to making short or technical courses to increase the already extensive list of rank-and-file employeesunderemployed or unemployed. Gary Kelly might disagree with that approach. A student who receives 50 points for a total of 100, occupies around post number 100 of a total of 1000 jobs in that divides the number of participants. This means that only 10% of the contestants answered correctly more than 50% of the questions, while 90% of them, does not answer well even half of the questions that make up tests. Of the foregoing, the following assumptions can be deducted: 1. education Basic and average, in Colombia, has many shortcomings. 2. The majority of the families, having an education level lower middle, not invest in education because they see it as an expense and not for what it is: an investment.

3. To spite of good family and personal intentions, few students who have access to higher education, so they are unmotivated for wanting to get a good score. 4 State tests do not measure the level of knowledge of the Colombian high schoolers. 5. All of the above. The imbalance of these results, is related to the imbalance socio-economic of the country, where very few have much and most have very little. It is in the hands of each of the actors of is reality, strive to change it.

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