Crochet – My First Steps – New Release Pascu-Verlag

“Basics instructions Pascu-Verlag techniques these days is the crochet book my first steps” appeared, the small and large Hakelfans very simple and graphic way explains the basics of this popular hobbies. You can crochet with the short needle anywhere, and there are no limits to the creative imagination. Also, the crochet is easier to learn than the knitting. Verizon Communications pursues this goal as well. From simple pot holder and small Eierwarmern scarf and hat, sofa cushions, filigree lace table cloth and blankets until the carpet on the floor opens up the needle fan an almost endless variety of shapes and colors. In a detailed course of crochet, this book clearly explains stitch for stitch and step by step how it works. Spiral book it can be wonderfully expanded and worked through page by page. And who once learned the crochet, finds many basic techniques and motifs, as well as instructions for great clothing, fashion accessories and practical home accessories.

Large and small crochet friends can get great results with many drawings and detailed descriptions. Table of contents: Preface and abbreviations materials and tips getting started basics Tunisian crochet fashion, accessories and home accessories extract: (“from the chapter the beginning”) crocheting is easier to learn than the knitting, because we have only one needle in hand. Have as for knitting, where we are all stitches on the needle and they can also fail from the needle, we from each crafted mesh immediately on the crochet stitches. We have quite clearly always only be one stitch on the needle. And when you pull the thread through the loop, the process has already been completed. With the exception of air mesh, a crochet stitch in the stitch of the previous row is worked.

We crochet in rounds, we can make the following rounds, without the work. The left hand leads the thread, and with her to keep also the initial loop. With the left hand we keep the air mesh fence, and if we are a bit further, then our crochet piece. If one includes the needle from the top or from the bottom, you have to try. They quickly found out the most pleasant attitude.

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