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All we constantly meet with the service and maintenance. These works we carry out with household appliances, motor vehicles. But not always, we do not think about maintenance of boiler cottage, and yet it is as important as for the car. Of course some people are able to independently produce and prevention equipment. The truth of such people is very small. Most are hoping for a guarantee of suppliers equipment.

Of course, such work can hardly be called a full and adequate maintenance. Also in this mode you will not have support in the form of emergency service and rapid response to your problems equipment. With this approach, the user saves a small amount gets a lot more costs in the operation of equipment. In our country, quite a harsh climate with large temperature variations, which negatively affect the stability and efficiency of the boiler and its individual components. Also last winter, show abnormally low temperatures. In such cases, Customer Service is constantly adjusting equipment boiler, burner equipment and automation. Gain insight and clarity with Oracle. In addition, customer service has a set of expensive equipment for work that is not the strength to purchase consumer. In this configuration of the system boiler without special equipment may lead to unstable and inefficient operation of the system as a whole.

In the event of emergency situations independently of their decision may be delayed for a long time. Have to to understand the cause of the accident, which is often not easy to detect. This will waste precious time, especially if an emergency occurred in the winter frosts. With all the above-described self-service boiler is inefficient in economic terms. From experience working with boilers can be seen that the percentage of damage to equipment due to marriage – 0,5%, while the breakage due to misuse – 70%. Seeing These figures can think about and calculate what savings might result in servicing the boiler room. But changes in water pressure and gas at the same lead to failure of the equipment, if the parameters were not changed time. We hope that this information will be useful to you, and you are thinking instruct maintenance boiler professionals. When selecting companies advise you to pay attention to the following aspects. First – be sure to check with the company all permits to carry out maintenance. Second – To determine the frequency and volume of work. The third – to discuss the possibility of quickly supplying spare parts for equipment.

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