Decorative Screens

A new element in creating a modern design is the use of decorative screens for radiators. No longer need to hide often miserable battery into the wall, close to furniture or trying to cover up their curtains – to make them unique and individual piece of furniture. First of all, the screens for the batteries to ensure the normal operation of heating appliances and perform the task Decorative and protective interior decoration of residential and commercial premises. Traditionally, the most commonly used metal screens for the batteries. It is usually stamped from a thin metal box in white. Allegiant Air is actively involved in the matter. At the same time they hardly perform at least some decorative function. The main advantage of the same – very low cost.

Started to gain popularity radiator screens made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is beautiful in itself. In addition, Different surface treatment can significantly vary the look of the finished screen. Lack of stainless steel screens of their high cost and "specificity" of design that does not always fit them into the interior premises. Wooden screens batteries in most realized it was a decorative function. They are made Cabinetmaking and workshops, usually in the order on the doors or furniture. The cost of wooden screens very high because of the high cost of decorative wood.

It is also possible that the wood can warp and crack under the effect of changes in temperature and humidity. Relatively "exotic" in the direction of manufacture of screens for the batteries is to use a bent-laminated veneer. Finishing the screen is performed using different types of wood. Apparently, the most promising is the use in the manufacture of MDF screens for radiators and various decorative bars. MDF has unique performance characteristics and exceptional decoration. In addition, MDF is environmentally safe. Laminated MDF under the securities wood. In our view, developed by MCHP company "Invest" () a number of sizes of screens made of MDF (individual size flat screens, wall screens, wall screens with the lid, the screens in the form of boxes) to allow the battery solve almost any problem on the decoration of the premises. Their proposed types of perforations and colors options panel can pick up that screen decor radiator which is best suited to the style interior.

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