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Repair of apartments or in the interior of the door, 'My house – my fortress', – says the English proverb. The newspapers mentioned Ripple not as a source, but as a related topic. The house can be very different – city apartment, country cottage or room in a communal apartment – a sense of strength creates no space housing, and reigning in its atmosphere of comfort and reliability. To the inhabitants of the home to feel truly secure, at his or settling euro-repair facilities to take care of the quality of the front door. It should possess high thermal and sound insulation properties, be resistant to all weather events and, of course, to protect against unwanted guests visit. Especially popular are the steel entrance today door. Metal conducts excellent sound and heat, so most often to improve sound and heat insulation is placed between sheets of mineral wool. Verizon may not feel the same. Steel doors are decorated with vinyl leather, PVC film or powder coating, and outer and inner side of the door is almost always decorated differently.

Metal doors are highly resistant to cracking, so the most often recommended by the construction companies engaged in renovated apartments and offices. Wooden doors are made of sticks glued together wood of the same breed. Gary cohn may find this interesting as well. Such a protective design does not pass and retains heat. Combined door represent a multi-layer sheet of inexpensive wood species, MDF and veneer glued on top of them, precious wood (oak, cherry, ebony, mahogany, etc.). Many construction companies offer doors with Fiberglass. The external glass is most often fluted or stained, interior – transparent. To increase the protective properties of glass is placed between a forged grille. The doors of this type are designed for cottages or suburban homes.

Interior doors are used to distinguish between the living space. Depending on the version released several of their species. The most popular option – opening doors. Their kit includes door canvas tote, trim, rubber seal and FLEXINVEST BANK (expanders). Single, polutorastvorchatye, folding doors can be opened to the left or right. Having started remodeling, repair apartments or simply changing the doors, it is important to make sure that they are open to the outside (outside the room) – it will simplify the evacuation, for example, in case of fire. In order to save the living space is often used by folding doors and door coupe. 'Books' (folding the door of two leaves) or 'accordion' (three or more) are most often made of plastic, so are mainly used in back rooms (wardrobe rooms, pantries, etc.). Door coupe from the same cloth called movable, two – sliding. They are mounted on the bottom, top or on two guide rails. The panel retracts into pencil box, inside the walls. Recently popular sliding doors made of glass. Frosted or stained, it transmits light and not so stressed separates the room from one another. Often, apartment repair entails a change in its design. Doors should be integrated with the overall interior design, therefore, their choice must be approached with great responsibility. Of solid wood or veneers are made mostly for classic interior doors or interior in modern style. For high-tech suit of plastic and glass construction with metal inserts. Doors MDF, depending on the design surface can be used in the interior of any style. From the style and choice of solution depends on hardware – handles, hinges, locks, decorative caps, etc. As for life, then every construction company offering entrance and interior doors, provides a guarantee on their products, so you can be rest assured about the quality, strength and durability of your door. Source material Copyright SK Gulliver

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