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What it is Climate Organizacional? Organizacional climate is the quality of the environment that is perceived or tried for the participants of the company and that influence its behavior. Organizacional climate is the pointer of satisfaction of the members of a company, in relation the different aspects of the culture or apparent reality of the organization, such as: politics of RH, model of management, process of communication, professional valuation and identification with the company. One of the forms more used to indentificar the organizacional climate is the research of organizacional climate that can be elaborated through electronic questionnaires or printed matters or interviews, the most used is questionnaire printed matter that has the biggest acceptance on the part of the searched ones, that they believe that the electronic questionnaire can identify the participants. In the elaboration of the questionnaire it is important to the verification of the questions, if the same ones are of easy agreement. More information is housed here: Oracle. Through the research of organizacional climate is possible to identify which necessities must be supplied to inside keep its motivated collaborators of the organization, exists algums factors that can influence posisitivamente or negative in the climate inside of the organization and as it can come to motivate its integrandes. 4 – Motivacionais factors: The related motivacionais Factors below, are of utmost importance for the satisfaction of the human being inside of an organization. To request ideas to the collaborators and to involve them in decisions on its functions; To recognize a well done work public; To promote destined meetings to commemorate the success of the team; To give to the collaborator an interesting task to execute; To verify if the collaborator makes use of the tools necessary to carry through optimum work; To recognize the personal necessities of the collaborator; To use the performance as base for promotions; To adopt one including politics of promotion of the collaborators; To stimulate the community direction; To give to collaborators one financial reason to be excellent; To recognize the individual differences: not to treat the collaborators as if they were equal, therefore they possess different necessities; To make with you reward that them they are perceived as jousts: to tie you reward them to the experiences, abilities, responsibilities and efforts presented for the collaborators; To define objectives and to supply feedback: to trace specific objectives, challenging and that it can be you monitored. .

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