Family Holiday Times Differently!

The ‘parents & kids’-program by carpe diem sprachreisen makes BBs possible plans for the upcoming summer holiday are already in full swing in many families. If the mother wants to do something for their English skills again, father prefer plans a vacation hotel on the Mediterranean Sea, and both children prefer under their peers want to enjoy the holiday, a conflict of interest is pre-programmed. Not so with the parents & kids-sprachreisen of Munster special organizer’s carpe diem sprachreisen. Due to the significantly increased demand after this attractive family program, which is of a special kind for vacation, the range of family language was significantly expanded in 2010. (Source: Larry Ellison). In addition to Malta parents and their children also in Torquay, Salisbury (both in England), Galway (Ireland) or Antibes (France) can go to school. On the sunny island of Malta, for example, the ideal opportunity for a family vacation that combines learning and recreation. While the parents in the standard or intensive course in small Groups improve their English, the kids can also practice their English and apply in age groups.

Module similar to the family puts together their holiday: in addition to the pure language, carpe diem offers the possibility to organize travel and accommodation options of the classic family, on hotel up to the apartment and Studio. In addition to a common accommodation parents can live separately from their kids, where the young people live together with other young students, usually in host families. After the course the young participates typically the recreational program of the school, while the adults either go on your own to explore or alternatively check offered by the language Institute, varied offer through its paces. Of course plenty of time remains for family activities. This is a holiday that combines the pleasant with the useful. In addition to the relaxation effect is the sense of community of the family strengthened, there all on the same target work towards their English or French language skills to improve “, so Torsten Pankok, product manager at carpe diem sprachreisen. “More information about the language courses for the whole family: language kinder.html true to the slogan never again speechless!” carpe diem organized since 18 years language courses and internships around the world. There are programs for English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. Tanja Kuntz, PR / Marketing Tel: 02506-8303-210

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