Faulty Control

A stable, smooth functionality of the construction is the optimization of the Organization in doctor’s offices and organisational guarantees in a doctor’s Office, acts as a generator of value (“value drivers”) for all quantitative and qualitative parameters of success the practice organization. The project of BOA (better organization in the doctor’s Office”) of the Institute for economic analysis, advice and strategy development (IFABS) physician with a quick test helps optimize their organization. The first results are now available and underline the need for action. The first one hundred analyses of the BOA rapid tests (benchmarking organization analysis) are now complete and the results speak a clear language represented as already elsewhere to similar analyses in detail: considering all the practices on average 23 change and improvement opportunities were identified per team. The main sources of error were ordering systems, the surface-mounted and Organisational, management and communications. When the discovered deficiencies, no differences between groups, practice shapes or sizes.

Inadequate organization is a universal principle. In the Middle, the studied practice companies implement only 56.7% of best practice Organization regulations. The average patient satisfaction (third image) was with the practice organization measured on a marks scale 4.3. The quality of the practice organization was evaluated by the practice owners (self image) with a score of 2.8, of the medical specialist with 3.6. So the employees see the structures and procedures in their practices significantly more critical than the physician, the own image assessment of the team total however entirely misses the reality perceived by the patient. The BOA promotion (“better organization in the doctor’s Office!” bit.ly/ZQbnKA) will run until the end of April 2013 Klaus-Dieter Thill / IFABS

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