GlacialTech Igloo

Buying a computer in a specialty store, but many do not think about how it works, as well as its components. For some, also is not always a clear "why the guys in the shop put the fan, which only makes noise. " However, has long been known that in the system unit, there are many elements that are heated, or create it yourself. One of such devices is the main component of any computer system – a microprocessor. That is why today the market offers such a huge amount of cooling to its devices. GlacialTech company has been producing just such devices have not pery year. Among his peers rivals anything extra ordinary, it does not stand out, but some of its latest models really deserve attention.

With a little light went out at intervals of two series of coolers, this brand: GlacialTech Igloo 7310 and 5062. This new low-end, which means that buy this type of cooler can afford one. Series 7310 has support for sockets s754, s939, s940, sAM2, that is, these coolers can be used on processors Sempron, Athlon, Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX, Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core, Opteron. 5062 Series connectors designed for Socket T (LGA775), that is for the processor model Intel Core II, Pentium, Prescott and Celeron. In the series of data submitted to the lineup everyone can choose his desired device. There are a large number of variants of models with various fan speeds and noise levels.

All the developments of these series have included thermal grease with a high degree of heat. A distinctive feature is that the user does not have their own tinker and applied thermal interface. GlacialTech company took care of it now thermal compound initially applied to the radiator in a uniform layer. It's fairly easy to remove the protective plastic cap from the surface radiator and install it on the processor. Generally, a series of coolers, GlacialTech Igloo was originally designed as an alternative to the original boxed cooler. However, in practice, the effectiveness of their work is not far away from them forward. Nevertheless, clear deficiencies also have been identified. Thus, one could argue that the above series of coolers is as bad a competitor is not Intel's cooling devices

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