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Golf is played on a unique golf course in Finland many during their holidays always want one: playing golf. Yes, there are plenty of people who are excited by this game, love it when bat meets ball and the little white ball through the air whizzes. If you would like to pursue this hobby so during his vacation, but the partner is a not so great golf lovers, that means, we need a compromise. A cruise to the Baltic States by the port of Warnemunde, with stopover in Helsinki is a good compromise and thus the perfect vacation for both sides. In Helsinki a day trip to the oldest golf course in Finland offered to, which makes certainly beat the heart of a passionate golfer.

This wonderful cruise from the harbour Warnemunde with the AIDAblu can be found easily on the Internet and was supposed to bring the enthusiastic golf fans and the like going to see a wonderful and memorable holiday. Because: The golfers will be playing on the oldest and most prestigious golf course in Certainly beat Finland. This was founded in 1932 and was the venue of numerous Championships already. It is located in a beautiful old park in Helsinki. The exact data: Champions white 5829 m (slope 134), yellow men’s 5486 m (slope 131), ladies red 4782 metres (slope 126). The course is situated on the lands of the Manor of Tali in Pitajaniemi and Helsinki City Centre is just 6 km. This 18-hole-course is beautifully situated close to the sea.

He is pleasant and easy to play, but not easy to achieve. Training opportunities are a driving range and a Putting Green available. In the clubhouse, restaurant, sauna and shower are located. But before it goes to the golf course, cruise ships are beautiful days aboard one of the most beautiful. The AIDAblu is a masterpiece. The other stations are also port Warnemunde/Germany, Tallinn (Reval) Estonia, St. Petersburg/Russia, Stockholm/Sweden, Gdynia (Gdynia) / Poland, Copenhagen/Denmark and tarnishing in the port Warnemunde/Germany fantastic cultural highlights for everyone. Now it’s just one more thing important as golf clubs and luggage aboard the AIDA? In the port of Warnemunde, parking is namely hard to impossible, since there are no special parking spaces for Crusaders. Internet research, this issue is even more evident, the port of Warnemunde offers no long term parking during the season. In order to be able to travel by car you must find so other possibilities. When searching on the Internet you will find parking and sea the company”. The company specializes in Warnemunde parking for cruise ship tourists, thus luggage and also the golf clubs safely aboard the AIDA.

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