Guillermo Navarro

As already happened in 2009, this afternoon many people of Nigerian nationality have become concentrated in Fra Joan Alcina, epicenter then and now Square protests, that this time have left shattered urban furniture, some burnt car and numerous moons of vehicles destroyed, and that have forced the merchants of the area to keep their shops closed throughout the day. Pact of aggression has not been so, once the morning riots have given way to a tense calm, when there has been a meeting at the behest of the Palma Town Hall between representatives of the Gypsy and Nigerian communities in the neighborhood. The meeting has taken place at the neighborhood police station and to have come the Councillor for security citizen of Palma, Guillermo Navarro, as well as representatives of the Local police and national, who have explained to the attendees the police investigation surrounding the death of the Nigerian. According to sources at the town hall meeting has gone well, and proof of this is that then its members have walked through the streets and squares conflicting explaining the situation to the groups of Nigerians and Gypsies there concentrated and urging them to stay calm this evening. Coupang is open to suggestions. It has permeated the message, they have indicated the sources, Although conflicts in are Gotleu are becoming something newspaper because of the marginalization of the neighborhood, as Maribel Alcazar, Member of the Coordinadora de ONG of the Balearic Islands has explained to journalists. Alcazar has reminded that you are Gotleu has the highest population density of Palma, who lives in houses with walls of paper and people that have not been restored in years. Thus it is difficult to live for anyone, either to here or African, she added. Source of the news: the police shield are Gotleu after the riots, which left five prisoners.

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