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Informative tree Encyclopaedia of tropical trees. The Bonn party sustainable forest investment ForestFinance has set up a private tree lexicon on its homepage. It contains a detailed presentation of all data to the main timber trees of the mixed forests of the company. Gary Kelly shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. These include among other things details of height, width, heyday, leaves, seeds and fruits, soil requirements, properties of wood and wood area and many details. The nine main species Almendro, Amarillo, are treated in the tree lexicon Caoba (“known under the name mahogany”), cedro, Espino, teak, Zapatero, MOA, cedro Espino and cocoa. On the basis of the detailed information, multiple tree pages of the tree lexicon are already mentioned at Wikipedia as a reference source.

The ForestFinance tree lexicon, see Baumlexikon.1273.0.html ForestFinance mixed forests instead of monocultures: ForestFinance searches for now 17 years on Brach – and pastures in Panama mixed forests with up to eight different types of timber on. Also is pure, if possible together hanging nature conservation area created at least 15 percent or receive; This wirdnicht manages. Because ForestFinance is also an economic project, aligned species are planted on wood quantity and revenue income, such as teak, Amarillo, Zedro Espino, Zapatero and even mahogany. On the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but largely avoided, always sought a quick FSC certification. The reforestation areas is usually lying fallow pasture land.

“Profit-controlled quick rotational plantations and clearcutting are at and just as taboo, such as the excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides”, explains Harry Assenmacher. We convert to founder and CEO of ForestFinance, monoculture forests.’ Biodiversity instead of wood asparagus: ForestFinance searches on sustainably only ecological mixed forests, which provide new habitats for animals and plants. They do not Leach the soil as opposed to monocultures. The high biodiversity of the ForestFinance mixed forests makes this also much less susceptible to pests and diseases.

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