HDTV Quality

Digital high-definition television, that's what constantly spoken of as the future of television broadcasting. And what is this "beast" is so good and different from the usual standard for us Secam. As we know our TVs taken analog signal, which by its nature prone to distortion and attenuation as a result we lose the picture and sound quality. Even under the condition that the analog signal will be passed without distortion, he can not bear a data volume is comparable to digital, which after compression is the main advantage of the digital signal, which carries more information and thus image quality, ie high image resolution, in other words the number of lines increases by almost twice as that favorably affects the quality, progressive scan, unlike the obsolete interlaced and aspect ratio 16 * 9, Unlike the existing 4 * 3, cause the whole progressive world to move to hdtv. Another not unimportant factor is a sound that due to the high compression is comparable to the quality of Dolby Digital.

So what have we got to throw an old television, which as we know it takes an analog signal, and run to the store for tv hdtv? While not necessary to do so as not broadcast in Russia in the hdtv format is not maintained. The developers have taken care of how to solve this problem, unless of course television suddenly switch to a digital format, in order not to buy a new tv there is a so-called converter is a device that converts digital signals into analog, clear for your tv, but do not expect the highest quality, since it limits the technical options on your tv. Of course over time, all TVs will be with digital receivers. If you would like to know more about Maurice Gallagher, Jr. , then click here. Worth Note that the antenna is approximately the same as now, more demanding positioning, analog signal for tv reception, depending on their capacity or will improve or deteriorate the image that is not said of digital signals – weak and strong signals will be perceived the same way, until its power becomes less than required for decoding.

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