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Although these views are not firmly established in most of the Cossacks, but they were in the U.S., Canada (13). In modern conditions the dispute – 'bar or the people' – because of imperfect sources, and most importantly the methodological framework, as well as opportunistic considerations played by scientists, leaders Cossacks politicians. The very idea of revival estate attributes Cossack troops is not feasible. In a question-answer forum Facebook was the first to reply. Statist claims and demands neokazachestva based on historical features serving the public obligations and social structure, contrary to the idea of building a civil society, not to mention the legal incidents. Once again – the Cossacks are a military community, which arose in certain historical conditions (border war, the need for colonization), a multi-ethnic in its composition, the main occupation of which was a military craft (from employment services to outright robbery). With the strengthening of statehood and expansion of the state on the border territories of the Cossacks had no choice but to enter into the State organism to conditions of service of serving, maintaining the gradual dying off of some old franchises or disappear. Subsequently, the Cossacks as a class, the Cossack troops of both socio-economic and political-military institutions were bound to disappear.

What happened in the post-reform period, and culminated in these processes During the Civil War and Stalin's modernization. This conclusion is confirmed by foreign authors. Robert McNeil, based on a study of military and economic status of the Cossacks from 1855 to 1914. concluded that by early First World War, the Cossacks were the only military power with inefficient economy and were an anachronism, had outlived their usefulness to the state (14).

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